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2 euro cents lustrous 510,120,000 minted 2000 France
AUNC 1964 2 fen, gorgeous coin 1964 China
1/2 kopeck, 1747 worn, but still a nice coin, as parts are clear 1747 Russia
a tiny coin, dated 1792, the coin looks like it has been dug up in the past the size of the coin... 1792 Germany
2011 50p aunc, swimmer design 2011 United Kingdom
very nice 20 francs, good strike this time, detail is quite strong 1980 Belgium
10 dinara, very nice grade, not quite EF has one edge knock, other then that a nice example 1978 Yugoslavia
fake 20p? looks like it, colour is wrong no details and the edges seem too round 2005 United Kingdom
rhodesia halfpenny dark coloured coin. 1957 Rhodesia
1822 hibernia penny, date is visible as is some of the harp and george IV's portrait 1822 Ireland
restrike austra thaler with dye fatigue (lines going towards the edge of the coin from the letters) 1780 Austria
a 10 zlotych from poland, large coin 1965 Poland
william and mary farthing. 1694 condition is collectable, clear date and most of the legend,... 1694 United Kingdom
5 paisa 1964 very worn 1964 Pakistan
VF+ but an interesting one, i'm not 100%sure how real this is, some things look real (detail etc... 1992 United Kingdom
aEF 20 centesimi, overstuck on an 1894/5 20 centesimi which is normal but a bit rarer with this... 1918 Italy
cash coin of Hsuan Tsung from the board of revenue mint 1821 China
1872 halfpenny, worn and dug up, strange mark next to the 7 invisible to the eye, perhaps just... 1872 United Kingdom
partial lustre 1998 isle of man 2p with cyclists on reverse 1998 Isle of Man
1 cent from 1955 not in a bad state 1955 Canada
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