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1921 25 centimes, D'evreux 1921 France
1665 unknown token/coin 1665 Unknown
rare tin farthing of james II reverse is very corroded so date is impossible to identify BUT the... 1684 United Kingdom
1861 5 centesimi, fairly nice, almost fine, still plenty of detail but showing wear on hair 1861 Italy
very nice cash coin from the reign of Ch'eng Tsu (1403-1424) of the ming dynesty 1408 China
2 euro cents lustrous 510,120,000 minted 2000 France
10 cents from eastern carribean teritories, well circulated 1955 East Caribbean St.
1585 Henry III Billon double sol parisis, bit battered around the edges but still some very nice... 1585 France
british transport token 10p, unknown year 0 Exonumia Europe
1811 halfpenny bank token, pretty worn 1811 Isle of Man
1623 3 polka reverse struck twice interesting coin, also a strange line in the date area and Z4... 1623 Poland
constantius II fallen horseman AE3 good clear designs, mintmark illegible 351 Roman Empire
5 millieme from egypt, condition is alright, detail remails, bit of verdegris on obverse however 1941 Egypt
EF gibralter 10p due to the size of gibralter i'm guessing mintage is low so this was a very nice... 1993 Gibraltar
AUNC 1964 2 fen, gorgeous coin 1964 China
1/2 kopeck, 1747 worn, but still a nice coin, as parts are clear 1747 Russia
1624 dated, 8 maravedis "cob". and a very nice example 1624 Spain
a tiny coin, dated 1792, the coin looks like it has been dug up in the past the size of the coin... 1792 Germany
fake 20p? looks like it, colour is wrong no details and the edges seem too round 2005 United Kingdom
Henry III penny, class 3bstruck in london by monyer Henri between 1248-50 1248 United Kingdom
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