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silver drachm of Mithridates II `King of Kings' (123-88 bc) of Parthia, Northern Iran. -123 Iran
Roman republic denarius depicting the Dioscouri (Castor and Pollux) obverse, and the prow of a... -107 Italy
silver drachm (a la tete cubiste)of the Volques Tectosages, a celtic tribe from the Toulouse... -100 France
silver denarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This coin was minted circa... -100 France
Silver drachm of the Volcae (Volques) Tectosages, a tribe from the area of Toulouse. -100 France
90 BC Roman Republic silver denarius. Obverse shows Mutinus Titinus (Priapus)with winged diadem.... -90 Italy
Potin a la tete chauve et nez longue (bald head and long nose)of the Leuci tribe from Northern... -80 France
Silver denier (circa 80 -50 bc) of the Aedui, a celtic tribe from the Lyon area of France. -80 France
Mithradates III silver drach minted at Rhagae. Selwood attributes this coin (31.6) to Orodes I,... -80 Iran
silver denier of the Allobroges, a celtic tribe in France whose territory was centred in the... -75 France
silver quinarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This small coin minted... -65 France
Orodes II drachm Parthia, circa 57-38bc. -57 Syria
silver unit of the Corieltauvi, a celtic tribe inhabiting the Lincolshire region of England pre... -50 United Kingdom
Silver quinarius of the Roman republic depicting M Porcius Cato, a senator during the latter... -47 Italy
Silver Drachm of Azes II, Indo/ Scythian ruler from 35 - 12 BC. Greek culture still prevalent... -35 India
silver unit of the Atrebates tribe in England under King Tincomarus (Tincommius). Obverse... -25 United Kingdom
Augustus silver quinarius minted at Emerita (Spain). Obverse Augustus. Reverse victory crowning... -25 Italy
As de Nimes. Augustus and Agrippa obverse 'IMP DIVI F with PP'. Reverse: Crocodile and palm tree... -20 France
Nice portrait denarius of Augustus Caesar, datable to 2BC. Octavian laureate to right (obv).... -2 Italy
Medal issued for the recapitalisation of `La Sequanaise' a french assurance company. I'm unsure... 0 France
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