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EF 1 luma, very nice coin 1994 Armenia
1 cent from straits settlments, low grade 1901 Singapore
1/4 ore 1638, a cast coin, hence the large cudding, this was the normal practace of minting in... 1638 Sweden
another possible geramn piece, unknown. 0 Germany
roman coin from Constans and thassolanica mint (not 100% sure feel free to correct) 337 Roman Empire
10 cash from Pei yang province 1901 China
nice grade 1993 20p, EF alway nice to find these as they are low mintage 1993 Isle of Man
1932 50 centimes, small brass coin, showing good circulation life. 1932 France
very nice 1 lira from 1941 1941 Italy
Gustavus Adolphus solidus, low grade but nice little coin 1621 Sweden
1879 penny, Fgrade 1879 United Kingdom
1920 H 4 doubles EF, some lustre 1920 Guernsey
1915 farthing, VF but looks like light strike BRIT_T version? one of the hard dates for george V 1915 United Kingdom
AUNC 20p 2009 issue, can tell by the lustre catwheeling on the thick rim of the coin, that is... 2009 United Kingdom
1956 rhodesia penny 1956 Rhodesia
Charles 1st Richmond Oval farthing with pm. Cross patee on obverse only. P.273. Everson. 113g.... 1625 United Kingdom
3 kopecks 1913, very nice grade, no lustre and a small bit of wear on the shileds on the eagle,... 1913 Russia
undated 10 cash chekiang province, pre 1906, fine but a bit worn around the edges though 1905 China
nuremburg jetton, showing queen anne 1702 United Kingdom
Northen Sung from Ta Kuan cash coin, very nice condition over 900 years old. 1101 China
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