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KM-4a, 1942 Palestine 10 mils; bronze, plain edge, holed flan; good XF but lightly cleaned,... 1942 Palestine
KM-52, 1954 South Africa 5 shillings (crown) in UNC or proof like condition. Business strike... 1954 South Africa
KM-15.2, 1933 South Africe 3 pence; good very fine condition or higher, typically weakly struck... 1933 South Africa
KM-27, 1949 British West Africa half penny, King Norton's mint (KN mintmark); copper nickel,... 1949 British West Africa
Another KM-728, 1 1/2 pence struck in Great Britain for colonial use; this one is lighter; also... 1843 United Kingdom
KM-635, 1914 Wurtemberg 3 marks, F mint mark; I would say good very fineor slightly higher. 1914 Germany
KM-13, 1911 Finland (Grand Duchy) penni; brown red average uncirculated with two edge knocks. 1911 Finland
KM-1, 1943 Palestine mil; bronze, plain edge; while obverse is about uncirculated, reverse is... 1943 Palestine
KM-5.2, 1973 New Hebrides 2 francs; nickel-brass plain edge; average uncirculated but blazing... 1973 Vanuatu
Fonrobert.9652, Bolivia 1863 2 sol size proclamation medal; silver, reeded edge; Obverse Legend:... 1863 Bolivia
KM-199, 1971 Chile 5 escudos; copper nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated 1971 Chile
KM-18, 1911 British Honduras 50 cents; silver, reeded edge; fine, smallest of post Victoria... 1911 Belize
KM-728, 1843 Great Britain one and half or three half pence; unusual denomination was struck for... 1843 United Kingdom
KM-8, 1948 Israel 25 mils; this is a rather rare year with a very small mintage of 43,000 for the... 1948 Israel
KM-134, 1906 Netherlands 2 1/2 cents; bronze, reeded edge; nice deep dark brown, probably good... 1906 Netherlands
1789 French Guana Cayenne 2 sous; small and rather common but nice to have, probably good fine to... 1789 French Guiana
KM-30, 1935 Canada dollar; silver, reeded edge; about uncirculated specimen, bright white. 1935 Canada
KM-3, ZAR 1897 3 pence; this one IS uncirculated but unfortunately with the flan defect on obverse; 1897 South Africa
KM-206.2, 1905 Peru 1/2 dinero, looks like 9 over 8 making; silver, reeded edge; nice... 1905 Peru
1919B (no dot) rupee, average coin with over 200,000,000 mintage but in nice mint condition. And... 1919 India