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KM-350, 1898 Norway 10 ore; silver, plain edge; with the .400 low grade silver these coins wore... 1898 Norway
KM-1218, 1864-B German State Saxony 5 pfennige; medal rotation copper coin; nice looking except... 1864 Germany
KM-60, 1964 South Africa (Republic) 10 cents; proof, silver, reeded edge; transitional equivalent... 1964 South Africa
KM-15, 1949 Israel 250 prutot in copper nickel; variety with small dot pearl under the middle... 1949 Israel
KM-26, 1907 Straits Settlements dollar, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; good very... 1907 Malaysia
1696 Great Britain crown; silver, lettered edge; fine or so, overall wear. 1696 United Kingdom
KM-39, 1974 Belize 5 cents; nickel-brass, plain edge, Franklin mint matte finish; uncirculated... 1974 Belize
Another KM-728, 1 1/2 pence struck in Great Britain for colonial use; this one is lighter; also... 1843 United Kingdom
KM-43, 1980 Azores 25 escudos; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated. 1980 Azores
KM-485, 1865-A Prussia (German State) silber groschen, Berlin mint; plain edge, low grade silver;... 1865 Germany
KM-4a, 1942 Palestine 10 mils; bronze, plain edge, holed flan; good XF but lightly cleaned,... 1942 Palestine
KM-27, Israel 1969 25 agorot in unevenly toned and finger printed but uncirculated condition;... 1969 Israel
KM-9, 1967 Cabo (Cape) Verde 2.5 escudos; nickel-bronze, reeded edge; nice brilliant uncirculated. 1967 Cape Verde
KM-165, 1938 Chile 5 centimos; plain edge, copper nickel; uncirculated 1938 Chile
KM-32, 1942 Canada cent; bronze, plain edge; average uncirculated, reverse is lighter toning than... 1942 Canada
KM-52, 1954 South Africa 5 shillings (crown) in UNC or proof like condition. Business strike... 1954 South Africa
KM-893, 1953 Great Britain specimen (proof) half crown; nice with sime very very minimal toning. 1953 United Kingdom
KM-280, 1912 Baden 3 marks minted at Karlsruhe mint (G mintamark); prince Friedrich II, nice... 1912 Germany
Fonrobert.9652, Bolivia 1863 2 sol size proclamation medal; silver, reeded edge; Obverse Legend:... 1863 Bolivia
KM-27, 1949 British West Africa half penny, King Norton's mint (KN mintmark); copper nickel,... 1949 British West Africa
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