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KM-398.2, 1889 Mexico 5 centavos, Culiacan mint (CnM mintmark); silver, reeded edge; nice almost... 1889 Mexico
KM-312, 1881 Portuguese India rupia; silver, reeded edge; despite high mintage, scarce in higher... 1881 India
KM-25, 1942 South Africa, no star/diamond after date variety; it looks good extra fine; in... 1942 South Africa
KM-190, 1965 Chile 5 centesimos; aluminum bronze, reeded edge; nice bright uncirculated 1965 Chile
KM-14, 1959 Seychelles cent; bronze, plain edge; mostly red, some brown darkening it but clearly... 1959 Seychelles
Y#238, (1901-08) China Szechuan province dollar; silver, reeded edge; modern counterfeit -... 1908 China
Details for below BO73E half boliviano reverse. Left: 3 in the date is high and touching the... 1873 Bolivia
KM-33, 1971 Mauritius 10 cents; copper nickel, scalloped plain edge; brilliant uncirculated,... 1971 Mauritius
1981 IGCMC greetings token; different Jerusalem motif with Jerusalem in Hebrew and English to the... 1981 Israel
KM-10, 1975 Zaire 5 zaires; proof, silver, reeded edge; Conservation, okapi, Royal mint issue... 1975 Congo
KM-23, 1959 Israel 5 lirot, commemorative eleventh anniversary of the State of Israel, so called... 1959 Israel
KM-15, 1974 Barbados 2 dollars; copper nickel, reeded edge, Franklin mint proof finish; slightly... 1974 Barbados
KM-377, 1828 German States Bavaria 3 kreutzer; silver, plain edge; nice good extra fine, scarcer... 1828 Germany
1985 AINA medal: JERUSALEM REUNITED * AINA FOUNDED, 18'th anniversary of AINA 1985 Israel
KM-11, 1933 Guernsey, Heaton mint (H mintmark) double; bronze, plain edge; nice brownish... 1933 Guernsey
Y#86, 1930 Russia (USSR) 10 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; it is uncirculated but struck with the... 1930 Russia
KM-346, 1813 German States Bavaria 6 kreuzer; silver; nice coin, some minimal wear and lots of... 1813 Germany
KM-1.1, 1925 South Africa (Dominion) half penny; bronze, plain edge; with the small mintage of... 1925 South Africa
KM-206a, 1973 Colombia 5 centavos; copper clad steel with plain edge; average weakly struck extra... 1973 Colombia
KM-7, 1896 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR) South Africa 2 1/2 shillings; silver, reeded edge;... 1896 South Africa
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