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1789 French Guana Cayenne 2 sous; small and rather common but nice to have, probably good fine to... 1789 French Guiana
1919B (no dot) rupee, average coin with over 200,000,000 mintage but in nice mint condition. And... 1919 India
KM-4, 1934 Palestine 10 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; extra fine or almost, but nice original... 1934 Palestine
Y-299, 1991 Russia rouble, proof; copper-nickel, edge lettering; issued to commomorate Olimpics... 1991 Russia
KM-367, 1863 Frankfurt kreuzer; silver, plain edge; small low grade silver coin in nice... 1863 Germany
KM-30, 1935 Canada dollar; silver, reeded edge; about uncirculated specimen, bright white. 1935 Canada
KM-10, 1888 Straits Settlements 5 cents, silver, reeded edge; nice good very fine, a spot by the... 1888 Malaysia
KM-12, German Empire 1911, A mintmark 10 pfennig with very fine or so obverse and extra fine reverse 1911 Germany
KM-E3, 1950 Algeria 100 francs; essai, copper-nickel, reeded edge; mintage 1,500, decent... 1950 Algeria
KM-15, 1949 Israel 250 prutot in copper nickel; reeded edge; variety without pearl. 1949 Israel
KM-3, 1834 Guernsey 8 doubles, Royal mint (no mint mark); copper, plain edge; extra fine or... 1834 Guernsey
KM-8, 1937 Southern Rhodesia penny; copper-nickel, plai edge; brilliant uncirculated 1937 Rhodesia
KM-5, 1933 Palestine 20 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; British mandate period, one of the... 1933 Palestine
KM-5, 1891 Hong Kong 5 cents, Victoria; silver, reeded edge; good very fine to an extra fine for... 1891 Hong Kong
KM-10.1, 1937 New Zealand florin; silver, reeded edge; average uncirculated, good mint luster,... 1937 New Zealand
KM-54, 1955 Canada dollar; silver, reeded edge; proof like uncirculated, few bag marks that would... 1955 Canada
KM-24, 1919-C Jamaica farthing struck at Royal Canadian mint; overall weak obverse and some rust;... 1919 Jamaica
KM-6, 1935 Jersey 1/12'th of a shilling; bronze, plain edge; red obverse, red brown reverse, nice... 1935 Jersey
KM-20, ND (1954) Jersey 1/12'th of a shilling; bronze, plain edge; dark mostly brown about... 1954 Jersey
KM-E5, 1956 French West Africa essai 25 francs; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; toned, proof like... 1956 West African States