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KM-34.1, 1950 South Africa penny; bronze, plain edge; really nice red with just a few hints of... 1950 South Africa
KM-33, 1971 Mauritius 10 cents; copper nickel, scalloped plain edge; brilliant uncirculated,... 1971 Mauritius
KM-346, 1813 German States Bavaria 6 kreuzer; silver; nice coin, some minimal wear and lots of... 1813 Germany
KM-398.6, 1890 Mexico 5 centavos, Hermosillo mint (HoG mintmark); silver, reeded edge; fine to... 1890 Mexico
KM-805, 1957(76) Spain 50 centavos; aluminum, reeded edge; bright, uncirculated or possibly... 1975 Spain
KM-7, 1896 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR) South Africa 2 1/2 shillings; silver, reeded edge;... 1896 South Africa
KM-377, 1828 German States Bavaria 3 kreutzer; silver, plain edge; nice good extra fine, scarcer... 1828 Germany
KM-8a, 1942 Southern Rhodesia penny; bronze, plain edge; smallest mintage of the type, about... 1942 Rhodesia
KM-94, 1897 Ceylon 10 cents; silver, reeded edge; tiny, about uncirculated multi-hued toned coin 1897 Sri Lanka
KM-2, 1958 Rhodesia & Nyasaland penny; plain edge bronze; Good uncirculated probably 80% red,... 1958 Rhodesia
KM-34, 1972 Dominican Republic peso; silver, reeded edge; commemoration 25'th anniversary of the... 1972 Dominican Republic
2008 Russian Federation 10 roubles; bi-metal, lettered edge with runing TEN ROUBLES separated by... 2008 Russia
Star spacing and date illustrating the BO30A coin below; spaced star and wider date varieties. 1830 Bolivia
KM83, 1980 South Africa proof 2 cents; very nice multi-colored and toned but still gorgeous... 1980 South Africa
Y#86, 1930 Russia (USSR) 10 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; it is uncirculated but struck with the... 1930 Russia
KM-23, 1939 South Africa farthing; bronze, plain edge; blackened at the mint, nice uncirculated,... 1939 South Africa
KM-477, 1883 Brazil Empire 100 reis; copper nickel, plain edge; nice uncirculated or almost so coin. 1883 Brazil
KM-65, 1922 Portuguese Angola 50 centavos; nickel, reeded edge; good fine to very fine,... 1922 Angola
MS-5, 1963 6 coin set in white card with normal medal rotation agora, mintage 2,000 sets; the way... 1963 Israel
1980 IGCMC greetings token; this one have a peace motif with almost proof like fields, PEACE in... 1980 Israel
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