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1988 American Israel Numismatic Association (AINA) annual 21'st anniversary medal token. 1989 Exonumia Middle East
KM-316.1, 1821 XX (20) reis Brazil colony Rio (R) mint; copper; this is a star variety in high... 1821 Brazil
KM-5, 1927 Palestine 20 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; George V British mandate period, most... 1927 Palestine
KM-9, 1909 Jersey 1/24 of a shilling; bronze, plain edge; red brown uncirculated or almost, the... 1909 Jersey
Pearl placement detail for IL49E & D - with dot on the left and without on the right. 1949 Israel
KM-15a, 1949 Israel 250 prutot minted at the Heaton mint; silver, reeded edge; nice above average... 1949 Israel
KM-132, 1985 Cuba peso; copper-nickel, plain edge; FAO 40'th anniversary, mintage 5,000 1985 Cuba
KM-14, 1935 Panama centesimo; bronze, plain edge; brownish good extra fine, small mintage of just... 1935 Panama
KM-13, 1909 Finland (Grand Duchy) penni; red obverse and red with brownish toning reverse;... 1909 Finland
KM-26, 1943 South Africa (Dominion) 3 pence; silver, plain edge; bright uncirculated or about,... 1943 South Africa
KM-865, 1919 France 5 centimes; copper nickel, plain edge, holed flan; looks uncirculated to me. 1919 France
KM-1, 1888 Congo Free State (belgiam Congo) centime; copper, reeded edge; uncirculated or so, brown 1888 Congo
KM-179a, 1942 10 centavos; iron, plain edge; as typical of many war time iron coins around... 1942 Bolivia
KM-105, 1935 Belgium 20 francs; silver, lettered edge; position A, average about uncirculated. 1935 Belgium
KM-76, 1976 Bahamas 10 dollars, matte finish, uncirculated; Mintage 100. 1976 Bahamas
KM-160.1, 1873 FE Bolivia boliviano same as below but different year. 1873 Bolivia
Haffner-M16a, Israel 1962 silver medal, Kadman museum; silver, lettered edge; burnished surface,... 1962 Israel
If you are looking beyond a simple DATE VARIETIES EXIST statement at Krause, here is one more... 1967 Colombia
KM-11, 1938 Guernsey double, Heaton mint mark in bright red uncirculated condition with just a... 1938 Guernsey
KM-Tn1/2, 1838 British Guiana stiver token, TRADE & NAVIGATION, in fine condition 1838 Guyana
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