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KM-18, 1946 British West Africa half penny, Royal mint (no mint mark); copper nickel, plain edge;... 1946 British West Africa
KM-1.1, 1879 Cyprus 1/4 piastre; bronze, plain edge; mintage 150,000, solid good very fine for... 1879 Cyprus
KM-22, Israel 1958 Lira; one of the first Lira series coins; plain edge copper nickel; despite... 1958 Israel
KM-E7, 1949 New Caledonia 50 centimes essai; copper-nickel, plain edge, raised rim; a bit dirty... 1949 Unknown
KM-18, 1909 Germany (Empire) 25 pfennig, G mint mark; nickel, plain edge; no visible wear which... 1909 Germany
KM-23, 1906 Jamaica penny; same streaky toning, I do not think this is from cleaning or wiping,... 1906 Jamaica
KM-1, 1898 East Africa (Protectorate) pice; bronze, plain edge; almost uncirculated, brown,... 1898 East Africa
KM-2, ZAR 1898 penny; I am a bit buffled by the wear or weak strike in this year coins. I've got... 1898 South Africa
KM-161.5, 1897 Bolivia 50 centavos; CB mint master; despite greyish appearnce this is one of the... 1897 Bolivia
KM-1, 1959 Federation of Nigeria half penny; bronze, plain edge; short lived predecimal coinage... 1959 Nigeria
KM-E7, 1969 Equatorial African States franc; essai, aluminum, plain edge; minted for Cameroon... 1969 Cameroon
KM-TS1, 1952 British West Africa trial shilling; magnetic steel, unevenly reeded edge; vertical... 1952 British West Africa
KM-16, 1840 Danish West Indies X (10) skilling; silver, engrailed edge; text on the reverse... 1840 Unknown
KM-11, 1913 British West Africa 6 pence, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; George... 1913 British West Africa
KM-6, 1939 Palestine 50 mils in good uncirculated condition with minimum bagmarks. 1939 Palestine
KM-55, 1960 South Africa's last 5 shilling crown; nice proof with mirror ssurfaces and a bit of... 1960 South Africa
KM-8, Israel 1949 25 mils; proof like specimen from the muffin tin set; plant edge aluminum;... 1949 Israel
KM-5, 1934 New Zealand half crown; silver, reeded edge; extra fine or so, nicely toned. 1934 New Zealand
KM-2, 1830 Guernsey 4 doubles; copper, plain edge; good extra fine, dark brown. 1830 Guernsey
KM-5, 1941 British North Borneo 5 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark); copper nickel, plain edge;... 1941 Malaysia
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