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KM-1, 1888 Congo Free State (belgiam Congo) centime; copper, reeded edge; uncirculated or so, brown 1888 Congo
KM-3, 1896 Zuid-Afrikkansche Republiek (ZAR, South Africa) 3 pence; silver, plain edge; good... 1896 South Africa
KM-11, 1929 Guernsey double, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; limited mintage of... 1929 Guernsey
KM-1, 1941 Palestine mil; bronze, plain edge; mottled mostly brown uncirculated or about. 1941 Palestine
KM-8, 1906 Canada cent; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, good extra fine but lackquered. 1906 Canada
KM-126, 1957 Ceylon 5 rupees; silver, reeded edge; commemorative issue on 2,500 Years of... 1957 Sri Lanka
KM-869, Great Britain 1951 penny in proof; partially toned obverse and beutiful mirror like... 1951 United Kingdom
If you are looking beyond a simple DATE VARIETIES EXIST statement at Krause, here is one more... 1967 Colombia
Y#87, 1930 Russia (USSR) 15 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; common coin, but nice brilliant white... 1930 Russia
KM-160.1, 1873 FE Bolivia boliviano same as below but different year. 1873 Bolivia
KM-65.2, 1967 South Africa cent; bronze, reeded edge; Afrikaans legend, judging from condition,... 1967 South Africa
KM-2, 1964 Rhodesia proof shilling or 10 cents; from the original proof set, coins a bit toned... 1964 Rhodesia
KM-1, 1944 Palestine mil; bronze, plain edge; mostly red nice uncirculated specimen with hints of... 1944 Palestine
KM-18, 1937 Sarawak cent, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; red uncirculated, nice. 1937 Malaysia
KM-25, 1949 Southern Rhodesia penny; bronze, plain edge; George V last type, mostly red... 1949 Rhodesia
KM-1, 1841 Jersey 1/52'th of a shilling; copper, plain edge; scarce type, very good to fine... 1841 Jersey
KM-374.8, 1827 Mexico 2 reales, Guanajuato mint marked with little o inside a bigger G; edgy :)... 1827 Mexico
KM-29, 1960 Israel 5 Lirot; mem-marked for proof however the coin itself have a matte satin finish 1960 Israel
KM-Tn7, 1819 German State Frankfurt pfennig token; copper; small "juden" merchant token, good fine 1819 Germany
KM-E4, 1969 French Afars and Issas franc essai; aluminum, plain edge; Modern French colonial... 1969 Djibouti
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