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partial lustre rest is toned, hardly a mark on the coin but to be safe i will say its not UNC 1861 United Kingdom
unknown 1600 coin possibly of spanish netherlands 1600 Spain
a billon antoninianus of claudius gothicus seaby 3228 268 Roman Empire
1773 farthing, decent reverse, worn obverse, 1773. type with legend smaller then usual making... 1773 United Kingdom
20 centavoa in a decent condition 1949 Argentina
1992 D double date cent 1992 USA
1993 United Kingdom
1934 penny, VF, mint darkened 1934 South Africa
cash coin from northen sung dynesty Emperor Sung Cho Tsung 1086-1100 looks like iron and is... 1086 China
1929 penny, aUNC, some signs of wear on the facial hair of george but bar a few spots full lustre 1929 United Kingdom
300,000 minted 0.999 silver 1OZ, yellow toning in parts, in case so scratches are on that... 2002 China
medal, from the ministere de l'intereur, by o.roty 0 Exonumia Europe
1800 2 kopeck VF, lots of edge knocks 1800 Russia
GF, 1946 50 centavos 1946 Portugal
1648 riga solidus in fantastic condition 1648 Sweden
interesting farthing from 1860, seems to have double strikes on all letters on reverse as well as... 1860 United Kingdom
EF, some lustre in legend, dark colouring 1972 Australia
1694 farthing, would be fine but for the edge damage, however unbarred A's in britannia 1694 United Kingdom
1778 1 sol, fine grade all detail is there, wear on edges mainly, portrait has some details 1778 France
first year of this design 1 cent, very badly worn, but easy to date, the 0 is one of the clearest... 1808 USA
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