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KM-61, 1983 Finland 50 markkaa; silver, plain edge; 1st World Athletics Championships... 1983 Finland
KM-694, 1825 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; George IV, first year, well worn and... 1825 United Kingdom
KM-816, 1916 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; George V mintage diring the World Was... 1916 United Kingdom
KM-11, 1869 Uruguay centesimo, Paris Mint (A mintmark); bronze, plain edge; uncirculated, an area... 1869 Uruguay
KM-24, 1919 Australia 3 pence, Melbourne mint (M mint mark); silver, plain edge; circulated, good... 1919 Australia
KM-31, 1972 British Honduras 5 cents; aluminum-bronze, plain edge; circulated, good very fine. 1972 Belize
KM-732, 1863 Great Britain 4 pence; maundy, silver, plain edge; Victoria maundy groat with 4,158... 1863 United Kingdom
KM-57, 1962 South Africa (Republic) cent; brass, plain edge; transitional mintage issue, bright... 1962 South Africa
KM-782, 1898 Great Britain half crown; silver, reeded edge; veiled Victoria head type,... 1898 United Kingdom
KM-459, 1852 Brazil (Empire) 1000 reis; silver, reeded edge; Perdo II, scarcer type, coin itself... 1852 Brazil
KM-1, 1961 Katanga franc; bronze, plain edge; one year coinage of the rebel Kongo province, red... 1961 Congo
KM-482, 1886 Brazil (Empire) 50 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; Pedro II late rule issue, first... 1886 Brazil
KM-141, 1923 Danzig (Free City) 2 pfennig; bronze, plain edge; first year of the type, darker... 1923 Poland
KM-31, 1923 Germany (Weimar Republic) 2 rentenpfennig, Berlin mint (A mintmark); bronze, plain... 1923 Germany
KM-2, 1885 British North Borneo cent, Heaton mint (H mintmark); bronze, plain edge; smaller... 1885 Malaysia
KM-12, 1869 Uruguay 2 centesimos, Paris Mint (A mintmark); bronze, plain edge; decent very fine... 1869 Uruguay
KM-20, 1901 Uruguay 2 centesimos, Aaron Hirsch (A mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge; good... 1901 Uruguay
KM-19, 1901 uruguay centesimo; copper-nickel, plain edge; good very fine or so. 1901 Uruguay
KM-8, 1857 Uruguay 5 centesimos, Lyon mint (D mint mark); copper, plain edge; smallest coins of... 1857 Uruguay
KM-10, 1857 Uruguay 40 centesimos, Lyon mint (D mint mark); copper, plain edge; large, crown size... 1857 Uruguay
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