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KM-505, 1901 Brazil 400 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; date in Roman numerals on obverse, one... 1901 Brazil
KM-6a, 1970 South Korea 10 won; brass, plain edge; first and somewhat scarcer year of the type,... 1970 Korea - South
KM-19, 1934 Portuguese India tanga; bronze, plain edge; scarce colonial issue, mintage 100,000,... 1934 India
KM-1, 1859 Canada cent; bronze, plain edge; Victoria, early Confederation coinage, good very fine... 1859 Canada
KM-698, 1829 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; George IV, about very fine, dark toned. 1829 United Kingdom
KM-44, 1881 Haiti 10 centimes, Paris mint; silver, reeded edge; nice grade, first year of the... 1881 Haiti
KM-3, 1956 Czechoslovakia 10 haleru; aluminum, reeded edge; early Communist state coinage,... 1956 Czech Republic
KM-753, 1880 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; Victoria, 4 berries variety, 5-D... 1880 United Kingdom
KM-8, 1933 Ireland (Republic) half crown; silver, reeded edge; very good or about. 1933 Ireland
KM-746.1, 1853 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; Victoria, well circulated. 1853 United Kingdom
KM-26, 1879 Switzerland 5 rappen, Bern mint (B mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge; first year... 1879 Switzerland
KM-58, 1894 Greece 5 lepta, Paris mint (A mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge; George I, good... 1895 Greece
KM-11, 1951 St. Thomas and Principe (Portuguese colony) escudo; copper-nickel, plain edge; scarce... 1951 Sao Tome & Principe
KM-18, 1912 Germany (Empire) 25 pfennig, Munich mint (D mint mark); nickel, plain edge; Wilhelm... 1912 Germany
KM-12, 1887 Straits Settlements 20 cents, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1887 Malaysia
KM-4, 1896 Newfoundland 20 cents; silver, reeded edge; Victoria, appears to be Obv.1 large (tall)... 1896 Canada
LU54A Detail: No dot above BARTH, could be a variety or a filled die. 1854 Luxembourg
KM-22.1, 1854 Luxembourg 5 centimes, Utrecht mint; bronze, plain edge; William III, no dot, very... 1854 Luxembourg
KM-13b, 1926 British West Africa shilling, Royal Mint (no mint mark); tin-brass, reeded edge;... 1926 British West Africa
KM-1376, 1868 Papal States 10 soldi; silver, reeded edge; Pius IX, year XII, good very fine. 1868 Vatican
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