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KM-792.1, 1891 Denmark ore; bronze, plain edge; well circulated, verdigris, probably very good or... 1891 Denmark
KM-776, 1868 Denmark skilling rigsmont; bronze, plain edge; uncirculated detail, but the color is... 1868 Denmark
KM-753, 1852 Denmark half rigsbankskilling; copper, plain edge; decent very fine, may have been... 1852 Denmark
KM-726.1, 1842 Denmark rigsbankskilling; copper, plain edge; high grade, uncirculated or about,... 1842 Denmark
KM-818.2, 1926 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; very fine or abour obverse and an... 1926 United Kingdom
KM-44, 1799 Italian state Gorizia 2 soldi, Smolnitz mint (S mint mark); copper, crude plain edge;... 1799 Italy
KM-85, 1795 Switzerland canton Luzern schilling; billon; dark toned, look to be a good very fine... 1795 Switzerland
KM-510, 1938 Hungary pengo; silver, ornamented edge; bright uncirculated, some toning on obverse. 1938 Hungary
KM-2, 1935 Ireland half penny; bronze, plain edge; good extra fine to about uncirculated, a... 1935 Ireland
KM-26.2, 1961 New Zealand 6 pence; copper-nickel, reeded edge; very sharp uncirculated. 1961 New Zealand
KM-28.2, 1961 New Zealand florin; copper-nickel, reeded edge; good uncirculated, first year of... 1961 New Zealand
1928 Italy 20 lire, silver, reeded edge; unofficial issue, interesting example of the Italian... 1928 Italy
Y#107, 1940 Russia (USSR) 3 kopeks; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; about extra fine. 1940 Russia
C#144.3, 1840 Russia (Empire) kopek, St. Peterburg mint (СПМ mint mark); copper, plain edge;... 1840 Russia
KM-112, 1883 United States of America 5 cents; copper-nickel, plain edge; scarcer variety with... 1883 USA
KM-45, 1926 German Weimar Republic 2 reichsmark, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1926 Germany
KM-653, AH1255/1 (1842) Turkey 20 para, Konstantinyeh (Istanbul) mint; billon, slant reeded edge;... 1255 Turkey
KM-526, AH1402 (1981) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; bright white uncirculated, Egyptian... 1981 Egypt
KM-527, AH1402 (1981) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; Trade Union's 25'th anniversary... 1981 Egypt
KM-491, AH1399 (1979) Egypt pound; silver, reeded edge; 100'th anniversary - Bank of Land Reform... 1979 Egypt
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