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Y#88, 1928 Russia (USSR) 20 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; common year, but decent grade - good... 1928 Russia
KM-747.2, 1860 Great Britain farthing; bronze, plain edge; 3-B die pair - 5 berries toothed... 1860 United Kingdom
Y@11.2, AH1314 (1897) Morocco 2 1/2 dirhams, Paris mint (arrown pointed inside); silver, reeded... 1314 Morocco
KM-25.2, 1942 East Africa 5 cents, Royal mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; red brown... 1942 East Africa
KM-831, 1927 Great Britain 3 pence; silver, plain edge; mishandled proof that somehow got into... 1927 United Kingdom
KM-524, 1919 (b) British India rupee, Bombay mint (dot mint mark on reverse); silver, reeded... 1919 India
Laidlaw 0100, Hern 408, AM: 181 c.1900 South Africa commemorative medal; nickel, plain edge, 21.5... 1900 South Africa
Y#20a.2, 1914 Russia (Empire) 10 kopeks, St. Petersburg mint (СПБ mint mark); silver, reeded... 1914 Russia
KM-31, 1952 East Africa shilling, Royal mint (no mint mark); copper-nickel, reeded edge; nice... 1952 East Africa
KM-X#S12, 1874 Switzerland 5 francs shooting thaler; silver, reeded edge; St Gallen shooting... 1874 Switzerland
KM-779, 1900 Great Britain 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; Victoria mature head, very fine and toned. 1900 United Kingdom
KM-817, 1916 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; good very fine to extra fine. 1916 United Kingdom
KM-816, 1913 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; scarcer key year, good fine to about... 1913 United Kingdom
KM-818.1, 1913 Great Britain 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; scarcest of the type, good fine or... 1913 United Kingdom
KM-3, 1932/Year XI of Pius XI vatican 20 centesimi; nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated or... 1932 Vatican
KM-319, 1941 Netherlands East Indies 1/4 gulden, Philadelphia mint (P mint mark); silver, reeded... 1941 Indonesia
KM-2820, 1916 Austria corona; silver, lettered edge; minted in abundance, decent uncirculated. 1916 Austria
KM-5, 1934/XVII year of Pius XI Vatican lira; nickel, reeded edge; mintage 80,000, almost... 1934 Vatican
KM-10, 1893 Guernsey double, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; dark blue brown about... 1893 Guernsey
Y#21a.2, 1898 Russia (Empire) 15 kopeks, St. Petersbuerg's mint (СПБ mint mark); silver,... 1898 Russia
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