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KM-556, AH1404 (1984) Egypt 10 piastres; copper-nickel, reeded edge; nice uncirculated, one year... 1984 Egypt
KM-756, 1874 Great Britain half crown; silver, reeded edge; well worn, good or so, first year of... 1874 United Kingdom
Y-40, AH1394(1974) Yemen 25 fils; copper-nickel, reeded edge; one year FAO issue, inscription... 1974 Yemen
KM-386, AH1375(1956) Egypt 50 piastres; silver, reeded edge; Evacuation of british commeorative,... 1956 Egypt
1852 Madeira (Portuguese) 10 reis; copper, plain edge; good extra fine but cleaned, not a common... 1852 Madeira Islands
KM-506.2, 1880 Portugal 50 reis; silver, reeded edge; extra fine, a more common year. 1880 Portugal
Laidlaw 0143, 1947 Southern Rhodesia medal; bronzed base metal, 32.6 mm diameter, with lug; King... 1947 Rhodesia
KM-24, 1949 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; red brown uncirculated, mintage of 100,000. 1949 Belize
KM-897, 1963 Great Britain penny; bronze, plain edge; average red uncirculated with some toning... 1963 United Kingdom
KM-8, 1980 East Caribbean States 10 dollars; copper-nickel, reeded edge; 10'th Anniversary of the... 1980 East Caribbean St.
KM-12, 1994 East Caribbean States 5 cents; aluminum, scalloped flan, plain edge; circulated. 1994 East Caribbean St.
KM-597, AH1406(1985) Egypt 20 piastres; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Professions commemorative,... 1985 Egypt
KM-2a, 1972 West African States 5 francs; aluminum-nickel-bronze, plain edge; red uncirculated,... 1972 West African States
KM-400, AH1380 (1960) Egypt 25 piastres; silver, reeded edge; 3'rd year of National Assembly... 1960 Egypt
KM-467, AH1397(1977) Egypt 5 piastres; copper-nickel, reeded edge; 50'th anniversary of Texatile... 1977 Egypt
KM570, AH1405(1985) Egypt 10 piastres; copper-nickel, reeded edge; 25'th anniversary of National... 1985 Egypt
Kyle/Fuld #12, c.1820-1830 farthing token; copper, plain edge; so called Columbia farthing token,... 1820 United Kingdom
KM-8, 1907 Canada cent, Edward VII; bronze, plain edge; good very fine dark toned, most common... 1907 Canada
KM-13, 1906 Canada 5 cents; silver, reeded edge; very good. 1906 Canada
KM-14, 1915 Cuba 40 centavos (cuarenta); silver, reeded edge; well circulated, fine or about,... 1915 Cuba
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