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KM-734.1, 1845 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; young Victoria first type, well... 1845 United Kingdom
KM-10, 1912 British East Africa 25 cents; silver, reeded edge; first year of the type, scarce and... 1912 East Africa
KM-833, 1935 Great Britain shilling; silver, reeded edge; George V late mintage. circulated, very... 1935 United Kingdom
KM-14, 1893 Uruguay 10 centesimos; silver, reeded edge; rare no mint mark variety, NGC graded MS 64. 1893 Uruguay
KM-169, 1908 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) 10 centavos, San Francisco mint (S mint... 1908 Philippines
KM-182, 1945 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) 20 centavos, Denver mint (D mint mark);... 1945 Philippines
KM-172, 1908 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) peso, San Francisco mint (S mint mark);... 1908 Philippines
KM-179, 1944 Philippines Commonwealth centavo, San Francisco mint (S mint mark); bronze, plain... 1944 Philippines
KM-132a, 1943 United States of America cent; zinc coated steel, plain edge; war time issue, good... 1943 USA
KM-24, 1935 Australia 3 pence, Melbourne mint (no mint mark); late George V, average circulated,... 1935 Australia
KM-71.1, 1930 Greece 5 drachnai; nickel, reeded edge; common one year type, good very fine or so... 1930 Greece
KM-584, 1944 Portugal 20 centabos; bronze, plain edge; less common early years of the type, brown... 1944 Portugal
KM-133, 1972 Germany 10 mark, Karlsruhe mint (G mintmark); silver, lettered edge; business... 1972 Germany
KM-X#1d, AH1352 (1933/34) Tarim (part of Yemen) dinar; proof, silver, reeded edge, 23 mm; fantasy... 1352 Exonumia Africa
KM-24, 1934 Australia 3 pence, Melbourne mint (no mint mark); late George V, decent average... 1934 Australia
KM-561, 1916 Portugal 50 centavos; silver, reeded edge; early Republic coinage, last year of the... 1916 Portugal
KM-3, 1932 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; George V first year of mintage,... 1932 Rhodesia
KM-3, 1934 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; scarcest year of George V, very fine... 1934 Rhodesia
KM-5, 1935 Southern Rhodesia 1/2 crown; silver, reeded edge; relatively common George V mintage,... 1935 Rhodesia
KM-14, 1915 Germany (Empire) mark, Mildenhutten mint (E mint mark); silver, reeded edge; common... 1915 Germany
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