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KM-1, 1873 Newfoundland cent, Royal mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; good very fine... 1873 Canada
KM-817, 1914 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; early George V type, average circulated. 1914 United Kingdom
KM-3, 1941 Malaya 5 cents, Royal Mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; George V, 2 yar type... 1941 Malaysia
KM-18, 1942 Souther Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; war time George VI mintage, common... 1942 Rhodesia
KM-7, 1938 New Guinea penny; bronze, lain edge; George VI, 2-year type, and much scarcer than... 1938 Papua New Guinea
KM-878, 1932 France 10 francs; silver, reeded edge; decent grade, very fine or about. 1932 France
KM-878, 1930 France 10 francs; silver, reeded edge; well circulated, fine or about. 1930 France
KM-138.6, 1862 Bolivia 8 soles, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark), FJ essayer; silver, reeded and... 1862 Bolivia
KM-39, 1929 Luxembourg 10 francs; silver, reeded edge; Princess Charlotte, decent circuated, not... 1929 Luxembourg
KM-62, 1973 India 50 paisa, Bombay mint (B mint mark); proof, copper-nickel, reeded edge; FAO... 1973 India
KM-39, 1964 East Africa 5 cents; bronze, plain edge; post independence one year issue, lazing red... 1964 East Africa
PO92C-2, Detail: Regular not amended date variety. 1892 Portugal
KM-535, 1892 Portugal 500 reis; silver, reeded edge; Carlos I, regular variety, average... 1892 Portugal
KM-815.1, 1917 Denmark 25 ore; silver, plain edge; Christian X, large mintage but scarce year,... 1917 Denmark
KM-493, 1897 Brazil (Republic) 200 reis; copper-nickel, plain edge; large almost crown sized... 1897 Brazil
KM-12.2, 1930 South Africa farthing; bronze, plain edge; George V, rare year with mintage of... 1930 South Africa
KM-106, 1926 Ceylon 1/2 cent; copper, plain edge; George V, mostly brown uncirculated, common... 1926 Sri Lanka
KM-107, 1929 Ceylon cent; copper, plain edge; George V, brown uncirculated or almost. 1929 Sri Lanka
KM-8.2, 1864 Nova Scotia (Canadian Confederation) cent; bronze, plain edge; early confederation... 1864 Canada
KM-483, 1889 Brazil (Empire) 100 reis; copper nickel, plain edge; Pedro II, last year issue, same... 1889 Brazil
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