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KM-739, 1858 Great Britain penny; copper, plain edge; very good to fine, couple of spots and... 1858 United Kingdom
D&H#30, 1795 Great Britain half penny token; copper, lettered edge, 28 mm, coin die alignment;... 1795 United Kingdom
KM-Tn73, Australia penny token; copper, plain edge; Hobart (Tasmania) shopkeeper and pawnbroker... 1857 Australia
Sheqel-8.5, IGCMC-25006356 Israel 1961 silver medal, 15'th International Congress of Local... 1961 Israel
KM-8, 1945 New Zealand 6 pence; silver, reeded edge; very fine or about but cleaned. 1945 New Zealand
KM-38, 1940 Australia 6 pence, Melbourne mint (no mint mark); silver, reeded edge; George VI... 1940 Australia
KM-533, 1945 British India pice, Bombay mint (large dot under date on obverse); bronze, plain... 1945 India
KM-541a, 1943 British India 2 annas, Bombay mint (dot under bust on obverse); nickel-brass, plain... 1943 India
Y#88, 1929 Russia (USSR) 20 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; early Soviet mintage, common year,... 1929 Russia
KM-1, 1935/Year XIV of Pius XI Vatican 5 centesimi; bronze, plain edge; smaller mintage than... 1935 Vatican
KM-161.5, 1895 Bolivia 50 centavos, ES essayer, Potosi mint (PTS mintmark in monogram); silver,... 1895 Bolivia
KM-25.1, 1937 East Africa 5 cents, Heaton mint (H mint mark); bronze, plain edge; earlier thick... 1937 East Africa
Y#122, 1957 Russia (USSR) 5 kopeks; aluminum-bronze; reeded edge; one year type, extra fine or so. 1957 Russia
KM-495, 1807 German State Wurttemberg 6 kreuzer; no mint mark; low grade silver; less common... 1807 Germany
Y#38, AH1352 (1934) Morocco 10 francs, Paris mint; silver, reeded edge; Mohamed V, lustrous about... 1352 Morocco
Y#37, AH1352 (1934) Morocco 5 francs, Paris mint; silver, reeded edge; Mohamed V, two good extra... 1352 Morocco
KM-68, 1978 Jamaica cent, Franklin Mint (FM mint mark in monogram); proof, aluminum, plain edge,... 1978 Jamaica
KM-12a, 1923 British West Africa shilling, Heaton mint (H mint mark); tin-brass, reeded edge;... 1923 British West Africa
KM-28, 1913 British Guiana 4 pence; silver, reeded edge; scarce type with small mintage of 30,000... 1913 Guyana
Y#88, 1928 Russia (USSR) 20 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; common year, but decent grade - good... 1928 Russia
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