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KM-6, 1970 Bahamas 25 cents; proof, copper-nickel, reeded edge; topned mishandled proof, mintage... 1970 Bahamas
KM-147, 1974 El Salvador 2 centavos, Paris mint (no mint mark); nickel-brass, plain edge; one... 1974 El Salvador
KM-270, Israel 1995 10 new sheqalim, Utrecht mint; bi-metal: nickel-bonded steel rind (magnetic)... 1995 Israel
KM-11, 1994 French Polynesia franc; aliminum, plain edge; bright white about uncirculated. 1994 French Polynesia
KM-110, AH1396(1976) 5 piastres; aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; one year FAO type, Euphrates dam,... 1976 Syria
KM-16, 1924 Hong Kong cent, Royal mint (no mint mark); bronze, plain edge; fine details, cleaned,... 1924 Hong Kong
KM-15, 1865 Azores 20 reis; copper, plain edge; scarcer no dots reverse variety, very fine. 1865 Azores
KM-5, 1795 Azores 10 reis, copper, plain edge; very good or about, small mintage. 1795 Azores
KM-9, 1795 Azores 5 reis; copper, plain edge; fine to very fine, minted over the Portuguese... 1795 Azores
KM-Tn1, 1804 Great Britain dollar bank token; silver, plain edge; about very good, slightly bent... 1804 United Kingdom
KM-21, 1944 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; slightly better coin from circulation,... 1944 Belize
KM-21, 1943 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; about very fine, a bit dirty, scarce with... 1943 Belize
KM-21, 1942 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; typically circulated, probably fine or... 1942 Belize
KM-522, 1906 German States Baden 2 marks, Berlin mint (A mint mark); silver, reeded edge;... 1906 Germany
KM-21, 1937 British Honduras cent; bronze, plain edge; George VI first year mintage, fine,... 1937 Belize
Y#9a, Poland 1937 2 grosze, Warsaw mint (WJ mint mark); bronze, plain edge; extra fine or so,... 1937 Poland
Y#11, 1923 Poland 10 groszy, Warsaw mint (WJ mint mark); nickel, plain edge; very fine or better. 1923 Poland
Y#20, 1934 Poland 2 zlotych, no mint mark; silver, reeded edge; well circulated but last and much... 1934 Poland
KM-110, 1965 German mark, Karlsruhe mint (G mint mark); proof, copper-nickel, plain ornamented... 1965 Germany
KM-40, 1931 Switzerland 5 francs, Bern mint (B mint mark); silver, raised lettered edge; very... 1931 Switzerland
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