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Aeginetan silver stater circa 480 -456 bc. Commonly referred to as a `turtle'. This one also has... -480 Greece
Worlds first denominated coin? Very small (7mm) silver Tetartemorion from Kolphon, Ionia. Obverse... -480 Greece
Apollonia Pontica silver hemidrachm from 450 -330 BC time frame. Off centre laureate head of... -450 Greece
Basel Five Francs 1879 Switzerland
HMS Hood silver crown 1993 Gibraltar
Gold escudo / Doubloon of Carlos I and Johanna (aka `La Loca'). Generally thought to be the first... 1516 Spain
1/4 taler (aka `Ort')dated 1621/0. 1621 Poland
1862 1/4 anna. Minted at Bombay. Incuse V on shoulder, Bust `A', reverse I...and a die rotation... 1862 India
Lion Double Gros aka a `botdraeger' of Philip The Bold. Minted for Flanders circa 1400 ad 1400 Belgium
Roman republic denarius depicting the Dioscouri (Castor and Pollux) obverse, and the prow of a... -107 Italy
Dyrrhachium silver drachm. Cow suckling calf obv. MENISKOS / Stelate pattern DYR AMYNTA reverse.... -220 Albania
Silver jeton issued for Monsieur Gallyot, Doyen de Chatelet in 1723. Obverse his coat of arms /... 1723 France
Louis XVI by Droz on a silver jeton issued for the `Comite Occitanie'(Languedoc ). This jeton... 1783 France
1782 Communion token (lead) from Rathillet, Fife. 1782 Scotland
Shah of Iran silver Coronation commemorative medallion in jewellery bezel type mounting. 1967 Iran
Alexander, King of Poland 1501 -6 and Grand Duke of Lithuania. I think that this coin is a silver... 1501 Poland
Swiss Shooting Medal - Bern (Burgdorf) 1891 1891 Switzerland
Jeton de presencce issued for `La Mutuelle', a French assurance company catering for life and... 1860 France
Token Penny `Holloway's Pills and Ointment' (London) 1858 Australia
Large bronze ovaloid shaped 100 Mon (Tempo Tsuho) from the land of the rising sun. Minted from... 1835 Japan
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