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nice copper jeton dated 1717 issued for the French Galleys (Les Galeres). 1717 France
`Sword Dollar' /Silver Ryal/ Thirty Shillings Scots of James VI of Scotland 1570 Scotland
Medal issued for the recapitalisation of `La Sequanaise' a french assurance company. I'm unsure... 0 France
Benjamin Franklin and Jean-Baptiste Antoine Montyon medal. Bronze. 41.7 mm. Dies by Barre. Genius... 1833 France
5 Sucres 1943 Ecuador
Shah of Iran silver Coronation commemorative medallion in jewellery bezel type mounting. 1967 Iran
silver jeton minted for Louis de Bourbon et Penthievre, Grand Admiral of the French Fleet. This... 1746 France
silver Victoriatus of the Roman Republic circa 211 BC. Jupiter obverse with Victory crowning a... -211 Italy
1782 Communion token (lead) from Rathillet, Fife. 1782 Scotland
silver jeton issued for the Lietenant Criminel de Robe Court (Chief of Police) based at Le... 1776 France
5d Bank of Ireland token 1805 Ireland
Another Victorinus(268-270 AD)Ae Antoninianus. Looks like another `Salus' reverse but i'm not... 268 Italy
relatively modern silver jeton (1967) minted for the Stock Brokers of Paris. 1967 France
Eight Soles from the Potosi mint. (PTS Monogram). This coin seems to be weakly struck and has... 1833 Bolivia
Basel Five Francs 1879 Switzerland
Jeton /medalet minted for the Chamber of Commerce at Valenciennes, France and highlighting the... 1897 France
undated silver jeton royale issued for the Military order of St Louis circa 1770. late bust of... 1770 France
Cob 8 reales of Mexico City, Assayer `D'. Shipwreck coin. 1614 Mexico
Swiss Shooting Medal - Bern (Burgdorf) 1891 1891 Switzerland
Ae Antoninianus of Probus (276 -282 AD).'Restitut Orbis' reverse. 276 Italy
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