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undated silver jeton royale issued for the Military order of St Louis circa 1770. late bust of... 1770 France
relatively modern silver jeton (1967) minted for the Stock Brokers of Paris. 1967 France
silver medalet minted for the Chamber of Commerce of Armentiers and Hazebrouck 1903 France
Ae Antoninianus of Probus (276 -282 AD).'Restitut Orbis' reverse. 276 Italy
Silver jeton for the Gendarmerie. This design was issued on a number of occasions throughout the... 1725 France
Hannover Thaler. never figured what was going on with this coin. Edge is worn but high points... 1863 Germany
View of Le Chatelet on silver jeton of Msieu. Mouricault, Doyen (Dean of the Faculty of Law and... 1779 France
Swiss shooting medal issued for the cantonal Shooting festival at Beider, Basel in 1897. Slight... 1897 Switzerland
nice silver jeton depicting Louis Stanislas Xavier (brother of Louis XVI and the future king... 1784 France
Copper jeton issued for Philippe Hecquet, Dean of the Faculty of Medecine at Paris University... 1713 France
Bayonne 25c (aluminium) emergency coinage minted in 1920 and issued by Bayonne Chambre de... 1920 France
Premier Corps des Marchands de Paris. Silver jeton of 1700 issued for the Drapers and Weavers of... 1700 France
Large bronze ovaloid shaped 100 Mon (Tempo Tsuho) from the land of the rising sun. Minted from... 1835 Japan
Nice natural toning to a silver antoninianus of the Roman Emperor Gordian III. Reverse showing... 238 Italy
HMS Hood silver crown 1993 Gibraltar
Scarcer silver jeton for the Lietenant Criminel de Robe-Courte at Chatelet (Henry Bachelier).... 1724 France
1/2 birr. Strangely, harder to find than it's crown size big brother 1897 Ethiopia
silver jeton de presence for `L'Etoile de la Mer' (The Star of the Sea) a French maritime... 1858 France
AE Follis of Maxentius 306 Italy
Lion Double Gros aka a `botdraeger' of Philip The Bold. Minted for Flanders circa 1400 ad 1400 Belgium
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