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`50th Anniv. Council of Europe- Human Rights' silver 10 diners 1999 Andorra
1822/1 $1/4 `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Clear overdate. 1822 Jamaica
two different swiss shooting medals issued for the festival at Zuchwiil in Solothurn 1926. The... 1926 Switzerland
Ae3 of Crispus (317-326ad). Obverse: Crispus Nobil C. Reverse: Caesarum Nostrum - VOT X with... 317 Italy
German East Africa - Silver rupie. `J' mint mark. Not quite VF 1906 Tanzania
Julian II `The Apostate'(360-3 ad). Ae 1 (28mm)with portrait obverse and bull standing right,... 360 Italy
Bronze medal of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette by Duvivier. This is a 19th century re-strike. 1781 France
silver jeton issued for the Churchwardens of St Gervais Paris in recompense for their services.... 1740 France
Fake VOC 3 Gulden (Gelderland mint). This darkly toned silver fake would fool most collectors!... 1786 Indonesia
Chalkis in Euboia silver drachm. Hera obverse, with eagle carrying trophy while eating snake... -340 Greece
Histiaia in Euboia silver tetraobol. The nymph Histiaia obverse and on the prow of a ship... -196 Greece
silver jeton issued for the `Commissaires des Pauvres' (possibly Nicolas Laleu?)in 1685. The... 1685 France
German East Africa - 10 Heller in copper nickel. `J' mint mark. 1906 Tanzania
silver denarius of Faustina (junior), wife of Marcus Aurelius, daughter of Antoninus Pius and... 170 Italy
Catuvellauni Tribe silver unit under Epaticcus, brother of Cunobelinus, King of the Catuvellauni... 20 United Kingdom
1598-1621 silver Patagon from Tournai in the Spanish Netherlands 1598 Belgium
Trajan denarius struck at Rome circa 112 ad. Obverse bust of Trajan. Revers legionary eagle... 112 Italy
Silvered bronze jeton de presence / medalet issued circa 1912 to shareholders in the `Compagnie... 1912 France
Silver rupee from the Indian State of Hyderabad minted under Mir Mahbub Ali Khan II. First type... 1905 India
2010 Silver American Eagle 2010 USA
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