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Handstruck bimetallic token, denominated as `1 Stick'. Made for the newsgroup... 2006 Exonumia North America
Travancore - copper 2 cash issued under Rani Parvathi Bai. This coin is the same diameter as the... 1815 India
A jeton issued for Antonius Morand, Dean of the faculty of Medecine at Paris (1660, 1663, and... 1664 France
1885 1/12th anna. Bust `B', Calcutta mint. Small incused `c' on the bead between the `88' in date. 1886 India
Bronze jeton of Camille Perrochel de Grandchamp, Counsellor of State and Privy Counsel to the... 1660 France
Faustina Snr denarius. Aeternitas reverse. 150 Italy
silver tetradrachm from the Aeolian city state of Myrina. Appollo laureate obverse. Statue of... -165 Turkey
Justice House silver proof 25 and 50 Diners 1964 Andorra
1862 1/2 Pice, minted at Calcutta. 1862 India
Shooting medal by Georges Hantz minted in silver for the federal shooting festival at Winterthur... 1895 Switzerland
Tiberius Ae semis. Obverse reads TI CAESAR AUGUST F IMPERAT VII, bust of Tiberius to right.... 14 Italy
Bronze medal issued to commemorate the passing of the `Compagnie des Chemins de Fer de L'Ouest'... 1909 France
Peter III silver and gold inlay 20 Diners. 1994 Andorra
`Discovery of The new World' silver 10 diners 1994 Andorra
silver jeton de presence issued by Cercle Commercial D'Assurances (Maritimes) a Paris. The... 1829 France
Interesting and very three dimensional jeton of the Toulouse Commission for Prisons and issued... 1880 France
Nice quality well centred Athenian Tetradrachm. Very three dimensional coin. -450 Greece
1788, last year of issue for this particular series of silver jetons (Etats de Bretagne).Obverse... 1788 France
Jeton dated 1583 struck in latten and issued for the Mint Administration (Cour des Monnaies)... 1583 France
2011 Silver American Eagle 2011 USA
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