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nice copper jeton dated 1717 issued for the French Galleys (Les Galeres). 1717 France
Another scarce and high grade silver jeton minted (circa 1804/5) for the guild of Master Bakers... 1804 France
swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Neuchatel in 1886. Engraved by... 1886 Switzerland
Bombay Presidency 1804 large copper 2 Pice British East India Company. Some corrosion obverse 1804 India
Swiss shooting medal in bronze. Geneva 1896 by Bovy (1202 examples struck) 1896 Switzerland
brass jeton minted for M Moreau for his second term in office as the Lord Provost (Mayor) of... 1636 France
silver quinarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This small coin minted... -65 France
Copper jeton of the `Premier Corps des Marchands de Paris' dated 1715. Jason and the Argo /... 1715 France
Unusual coin issued to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the republic in 1928. Hard to find... 1928 Czech Republic
Nice 1587 copper liard from the Brabant, Spanish Netherlands. Nice bust of Philipp II of Spain. 1587 Belgium
`Sword Dollar' /Silver Ryal/ Thirty Shillings Scots of James VI of Scotland 1570 Scotland
1782 Communion token (lead) from Rathillet, Fife. 1782 Scotland
Another Victorinus(268-270 AD)Ae Antoninianus. Looks like another `Salus' reverse but i'm not... 268 Italy
Jeton de presencce issued for `La Mutuelle', a French assurance company catering for life and... 1860 France
5d Bank of Ireland token 1805 Ireland
relatively modern silver jeton (1967) minted for the Stock Brokers of Paris. 1967 France
Benjamin Franklin and Jean-Baptiste Antoine Montyon medal. Bronze. 41.7 mm. Dies by Barre. Genius... 1833 France
Shah of Iran silver Coronation commemorative medallion in jewellery bezel type mounting. 1967 Iran
1/4 taler (aka `Ort')dated 1621/0. 1621 Poland
Silver jeton issued for La Sauvegarde, one of France's assurance companies insuring against fire... 1842 France
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