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Dark toned silver jeton for the Chambre des Entrepreneurs de Maconnerie (freemasons). This one an... 1810 France
bronze from the Greek City State of Akragas, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Apollo. reverse two eagles. -350 Italy
A Pitis from the Sultanate of Aceh, Sumatra, minted in tin (I think) at Dar es Salam. 1700 Indonesia
Swiss shooting medal in bronze. Geneva 1881 by Bovy (4354 examples struck) 1887 Switzerland
Silver Didrachm from the Greek City State of Gela in Sicily (between Acragas and Kamarina on... -490 Italy
Smaller (38mm) shooting medal by Bovy minted in silver for the federal shooting festival at Basel... 1844 Switzerland
silver jeton engraved by V Janvier and issued for `La France' a French assurance company covering... 1880 France
Gothic Crown, `undecimo' edge. 1847 United Kingdom
Iles du Vent (Windward Islands) 12 sols minted at la Rochelle. Lower grade... but just try... 1731 French Polynesia
Swiss shooting medal in bronze. Thurgau / Frauenfeld 1890 by Bovy (4500 examples struck) 1890 Switzerland
Severus Alexander denarius. Reverse, Severus making sacrifice at altar 227 Italy
scarcer variety of the `Banque de France' silver jeton dated an VIII (1793). This one has a... 1790 France
The bronze medallic 2 Kronur issued to commemorate 1000 years Althing. Krause Mischler reference... 1930 Iceland
One dollar. From the silver proof set for 1974 1974 Belize
German East Africa - Silver rupie. `J' mint mark. Not quite VF 1906 Tanzania
Scarcer silver jeton issued for the 'Societe Medicale de L'Yonne' in 1844. Uncommon in silver. 1844 France
Silver jeton issued for Monsieur Daminois, Doyen de Chatelet in 1747. Obverse his coat of arms /... 1747 France
1598-1621 silver Patagon from Gelders in the then Spanish Netherlands, now the Netherlands.This... 1591 Netherlands
silver jeton dated 1708 (during the reign of Louis XIV) and issued for the `Extraordinaire des... 1708 France
Five Shillings Bank Token. Banker mark on cheek. 1804 United Kingdom
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