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Silver jeton issued for Girard, Doyen de Chatelet in 1772. Obverse his coat of arms / reverse a... 1772 France
siver Escalin dated 1620 from Brabant, Spanish Netherlands. 1620 Belgium
silver unit of the Corieltauvi, a celtic tribe inhabiting the Lincolshire region of England pre... -50 United Kingdom
Gold `pond' with bust of Kruger obverse (Not Freddy Kruger though). Nice coins these. This one a... 1897 South Africa
100 mils. The key date. Lustrous and some toning and no obvious signs of wear. 1934 Palestine
2 Thalers commemorating the opening of the Vienna - Trieste railway. This particular coin is a... 1857 Austria
1885 1/12th anna. Bust `B', Calcutta mint. Small incused `c' on the bead between the `88' in date. 1886 India
Mithradates II (`epiphanos'....aka `god manifest') of Parthia. Silver drachm. -123 Iran
Copper medal by Jean Dassier (struck early - mid 18th century). The obverse refers to the zeal... 1760 France
Silver jeton de presence issued in 1816 for the Compagnie D'Assurance Du Havre, one of France's... 1816 France
Interesting and fairly scarce jeton issued for the `Parties casuelles' in 1737. The reverse... 1737 France
Faustina Snr denarius. Aeternitas reverse. 150 Italy
Bi-metallic jeton minted in 1579 during the reign of Henri III of France. Silver centre with... 1579 France
Syracuse tetradrachm struck during reign of Hieron I circa 476 bc. A bit worse for wear but still... -476 Italy
15 Tari. A variant on type 16b (arm to side instead of down). Lower grade but undamaged and... 1772 Malta
Handstruck bimetallic token, denominated as `1 Stick'. Made for the newsgroup... 2006 Exonumia North America
`Discovery of The new World' silver 10 diners 1994 Andorra
Travancore - copper 2 cash issued under Rani Parvathi Bai. This coin is the same diameter as the... 1815 India
silver jeton de presence issued by Cercle Commercial D'Assurances (Maritimes) a Paris. The... 1829 France
2011 Silver American Eagle 2011 USA
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