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scarcer quart d'ecu (1/4 ecu)`Dauphine' struck for Henri IV of France at Grenoble mint. This... 1603 France
Jeton issued for M'sieu Voysin's second term in office as Prevost des Marchands (Lord Provost aka... 1665 France
Another Napoleonic era silver jeton de presence, this time for the Societe Philotechnique, a... 1795 France
Gold `pond' with bust of Kruger obverse (Not Freddy Kruger though). Nice coins these. This one a... 1897 South Africa
Napoleonic era silver jeton de presence for the Prefecture de la Seine (Paris. Obverse arms of... 1810 France
silver jeton issued for the Chambre aux Deniers, a part of the king's administration reminiscent... 1702 France
silver jeton struck for the king's masons (Louis XV). Obverse youthful bust of L XV. Reverse `L'... 1730 France
Iles du Vent (Windward Islands) 12 sols minted at la Rochelle. Lower grade... but just try... 1731 French Polynesia
Handstruck bimetallic token, denominated as `1 Stick'. Made for the newsgroup... 2006 Exonumia North America
Peter III silver and gold inlay 20 Diners. 1994 Andorra
`Chamois' silver 10 diners 1992 Andorra
Bi-metallic jeton minted in 1579 during the reign of Henri III of France. Silver centre with... 1579 France
Ae As of Nerve circa 97 ad. Obverse bust of Nerva. Reverse Aequitas standing left 97 Italy
Denarius of Hadrian circa 98 AD 98 Italy
Justice House silver proof 25 and 50 Diners 1964 Andorra
Silver jeton issued for the parish of St Germain (Paris) during the reign of Louis XVI. Bust of... 1760 France
Another very scarce French silver jeton, this time issued for the church of Sainte Genevieve in... 1666 France
Travancore - copper 2 cash issued under Rani Parvathi Bai. This coin is the same diameter as the... 1815 India
Shooting medal by Georges Hantz minted in silver for the federal shooting festival at Winterthur... 1895 Switzerland
siver Escalin dated 1620 from Brabant, Spanish Netherlands. 1620 Belgium
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