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Silver jeton issued for the town councillors of Bordeaux during the time of Louis XV and circa 1750. 1750 France
1822/1 $1/4 `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Clear overdate. 1822 Jamaica
`Monseigneur Alanis' silver 10 diners 1996 Andorra
Bronze jeton of Camille Perrochel de Grandchamp, Counsellor of State and Privy Counsel to the... 1660 France
scarcer variety of the `Banque de France' silver jeton dated an VIII (1793). This one has a... 1790 France
The bronze medallic 2 Kronur issued to commemorate 1000 years Althing. Krause Mischler reference... 1930 Iceland
A silver quarter franc of Louis XIII of France minted at Toulouse (M mm under bust) Portrait... 1639 France
Gaston of Dombes copper double tournois 1638 France
1885 1/12th anna. Bust `B', Calcutta mint. Small incused `c' on the bead between the `88' in date. 1886 India
silver quinarius of the Sequani tribe from the Besancon area of France. This small coin minted... -65 France
A silver stater from the Greek City State of Heracleia Pontica in Bythnia (South coast of Black... -345 Greece
1862 1/2 Pice, minted at Calcutta. 1862 India
silver jeton de presence issued by Cercle Commercial D'Assurances (Maritimes) a Paris. The... 1829 France
Jeton dated 1583 struck in latten and issued for the Mint Administration (Cour des Monnaies)... 1583 France
1788, last year of issue for this particular series of silver jetons (Etats de Bretagne).Obverse... 1788 France
Zambia silver proof 1/- from boxed set. 1964 Zambia
Copper jeton issued for Paris municipal council. Obverse: Louis XIV. Reverse: view of Paris (Pont... 1700 France
Baroda - 1892 2 Paisa. This coin has a very noticeable overdate (VS1949/4). It also has a 90... 1892 India
2011 Silver American Eagle 2011 USA
Scarcer silver jeton of the Paris Goldsmiths (Aurifices de Paris), also known as the Sixieme... 1700 France
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