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Gaston of Dombes copper double tournois 1638 France
`Monseigneur Alanis' silver 10 diners 1996 Andorra
One for the UFOlogists :) Copper jeton issued for the Burgundian Parliament in 1648 1648 France
Double gros of Philip IV (`The Handsome'), Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders, also Philip I... 1492 Luxembourg
Copper jeton issued for Paris municipal council. Obverse: Louis XIV. Reverse: view of Paris (Pont... 1700 France
`Chamois' silver 10 diners 1992 Andorra
Baroda - 1892 2 Paisa. This coin has a very noticeable overdate (VS1949/4). It also has a 90... 1892 India
silver jeton issued for Des Etats de Bretagne (Bretonese Parliament) in 1717 1717 France
Scarcer silver jeton of the Paris Goldsmiths (Aurifices de Paris), also known as the Sixieme... 1700 France
Aussie gold. 1887 Victoria `Young Head' sovereign. Melbourne mint. 1887 Australia
A silver quarter franc of Louis XIII of France minted at Toulouse (M mm under bust) Portrait... 1639 France
copper 2 stiver George III. 1815 Sri Lanka
Silver denarius of Maximinus I (Thrax)235-238 AD. This coin minted at Rome between 235 and 236 AD. 236 Italy
bronze from the Greek City State of Akragas, Sicilly. Obverse bust of Apollo. reverse two eagles. -350 Italy
Iles du Vent (Windward Islands) 12 sols minted at la Rochelle. Lower grade... but just try... 1731 French Polynesia
1619 jeton issued during reign of Louis XIII for the Conseil Du Roi (Kings Counsel). 1619 France
Zambia silver proof 1/- from boxed set. 1964 Zambia
Silver Didrachm from the Greek City State of Gela in Sicily (between Acragas and Kamarina on... -490 Italy
silver jeton issued for the Bretonese parliament (Estats de Bretagne). This one being a scarcer... 1738 France
A silver stater from the Greek City State of Heracleia Pontica in Bythnia (South coast of Black... -345 Greece
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