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Silver jeton struck for the `Compagnie des Bateaux a Vapeur du Rhone' (The Rhone Steamboat Company) 1830 France
Worlds first denominated coin? Very small (7mm) silver Tetartemorion from Kolphon, Ionia. Obverse... -480 Greece
1682/1 silver 4d of Charles II. 1682 United Kingdom
Portuguese India - 1/4 Tanga. Not quite EF 1903 India
Interesting mule jeton with two different dated obverses (1599 and 1620). 1620 France
1853 `Pice', British East India Company during colonial period. Calcutta mint and medal rotation 1853 India
Token Penny `Holloway's Pills and Ointment' (London) 1858 Australia
Graubunden 4 Franken issued for the Federal Shooting Festival at Chur in 1842 1842 Switzerland
Silver medal issued for the centenary of the Compagnie D'Assurances Generales 1919 Exonumia Europe
2 Scudi from the Napoleonic era. 1796 Malta
Yen with two chop marks obverse, one of which is a swastika 1886 Japan
Potin a la tete chauve et nez longue (bald head and long nose)of the Leuci tribe from Northern... -80 France
Daniel Boone 1935 $1/2. One of my favourites. 1935 USA
silver swiss shooting medal dated 1888 and issued for the cantonal shooting festival at... 1888 Switzerland
Birmingham 3d. Large copper token issued during the coin shortages. Seldom seen 1813 United Kingdom
Charlemagne 100 frs in Unc and Charlemagne 15 ecus /100 frs in proof. Trust the french to create... 1990 France
1643 dated Brass jeton issued for M'sieu Bigot,the then Mayor of Bourges 1643 France
silver antoninianus of Valerian I. Sol reverse 253 Italy
Sydney Mint Half Sovereign 1866 and Sovereign 1868. 1866 Australia
postumous issue silver denarius of Faustina (Senior), wife of Antoninus Pius circa 145 ad 145 Italy