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KM-7, 1894 ZAR (South Africa) 2 and 1/2 shillings in dark toned very fine condition 1894 South Africa
KM-5, 1896 Liberia, Heaton mint (H mintmank); bronze, plain edge; nice uncirculated or about 1896 Liberia
KM-E2, 1953 South Vietnam 20 Su essai, Paris mint; aluminum, plain edge; bright uncirculated... 1953 Vietnam
KM-1, AH1299 (1881) Zanzibar pysa; copper, plain edge; very nice, almost uncirculated light brown... 1299 Tanzania
KM-3, 1936 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; dark patina over lustrious surfaces,... 1936 Rhodesia
KM-892, 1953 Great Britain specimen (proof) 2 shillings (florin); has cameo like appearance of... 1953 United Kingdom
Details for the below CL50A; Left: faint traces of Thenot shown under O'Higgins bust truncation;... 1950 Chile
KM-186.2, 1968 Costa Rica colon; copper-nickel; - BCCR - edge inscription 1968 Costa Rica
KM-314.1, 1820 Brazil Colony X (10) reis; Rio mint; copper; not bad in preservation, good fine,... 1820 Brazil
KM-, 1844 Jersey 1/26'th of a shilling; copper, plain edge; brown about uncirculated, a couple of... 1844 Jersey
Detail for BO90A: Date and essayer initials. 1890 Bolivia
KM-10, British West Africa (BWA) 1945 1/10 penny, Royal Mint (no mint mark); nice uncirculated... 1945 British West Africa
KM-26, 1926 Jamaica penny; nice condition but probably not quite extra fine. 1926 Jamaica
KM-36, 1977 Trinidad & Tobago 10 dollars; copper nickel, reeded edge; this specimen is... 1977 Trinidad and Tobago
KM-3, 1888/7 Congo Free State (Belgian Congo) 5 centimes; copper, reeded edge; about uncirculated... 1888 Congo
KM-16, 1895 Jamaica half penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; Probably uncirculated but weak strike... 1895 Jamaica
KM-548, 1910 Portugal 100 reis; silver reeded edge; good fine condition, cleaned and retoning. 1910 Portugal
KM-12, 1839 Isle of Man farthing; plain edge, it looks different than the other one, bronze I... 1839 Isle of Man
KM-97, 1829 Bolivia 8 soles; post revolutionary equivalent of 8 reales has a portrair of Bolivar... 1829 Bolivia
KM-593, 1968 Portugal 50 escudos, matte finish; silver, reeded edge; uncirculated, few of tiny... 1968 Portugal
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