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KM-856, 1937 Great Britain half crown; proof, silver, reeded edge; pleasant surfaces, very light... 1937 United Kingdom
Unusual coin, one of the only two minted in 1837 by the short lived State of South Peru (Estado... 1837 Peru
KM-23.2, 1959 New Zealand half penny; bronze, plain edge; light brown about uncirculated. 1959 New Zealand
KM-97, 1835 Bolivia 8 soles, Potosi mint (PTS mint mark in monogram), LM essayer; silver, reeded... 1835 Bolivia
KM-247, 1945 Tunisia 2 francs; Aluminum-bronze, reeded edge; strictly speaking this is listed as... 1945 Tunisia
Detail for PE00A: appears to be 1900/898 overdate 1900 Peru
KM-2, 1861 1/26'th of a shilling. Another one of my coins with heavy die re-engraving: V in... 1861 Jersey
KM-360, AH1362 (1943) Egypt 5 milliemes; bronze, plain edge, scalloped flan; brownish good very... 1943 Egypt
KM-46, Israel 1966 5 lirot; proof commemorative of the 17'th anniversary of the declaration of... 1966 Israel
KM-52, 1777 Bolivia real; armoured bust of Carl III; very good to fine I would guess. 1777 Bolivia
1977 Bahamas 2 dollars; copper nickel franklin Mint (FM) regular uncirculated (U); reeded edge, 1977 Bahamas
KM-26, 1928 Jamaica panny; copper-nickel, plain edge; good extra fine, but some scratches by the... 1928 Jamaica
1978 IGCMC greetings token; extensive inscription reading BRING BACK MY SONS FROM FAR AND MY... 1978 Israel
KM-192.1, 1768 Brazil (Portuguese colony) 320 reis; silver, laurel corded edge; very fine... 1768 Brazil
1974 AINA token dedicated to 25'th anniversary of independence of Israel. 1974 Israel
KM-4, 1946 Palestine 10 mils; copper-nickel, plain edge; uncirculated or about. 1946 Palestine
KM-2, 1945 Palestine 2 mils; bronze, plain edge; red brown good extra fine. 1945 Palestine
KM-484, 1894 Hungary (Austro-Hungarian Empire) corona;Kremnitz mint; shilling size silver coin... 1894 Hungary
KM-1, 1927 Palestine (British mandate) mil; bronze, plain edge; uncirculated for wear but some... 1927 Palestine
KM-B4, 1820 Colombia royalist Santa Marta quarter real; copper; good coin, previous owner graded... 1820 Colombia
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