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KM-68, 1927 Angola 4 makutas (20 centavos); reeded edge, copper nickel; good extra fine details... 1927 Angola
KM-509, 1888 Portugal 500 reis; silver, reeded edge; about extra fine, 1888 Portugal
1878-1880 second Afghanistan campaign aluminum token, unattributed. Will appreciate any reference... 1878 Afghanistan
KM-189, 1961 Chile centesimo; aluminum, plain edge; extra fine with some dirt and a rim bump and... 1961 Chile
Details of the obverse for the previous 1962 agora (IL62A) - barley spear awns and the proximity... 1962 Israel
KM-35.1, 1971 Mauritius rupee; copper nickel, security edge; bright uncirculated, proof like... 1971 Mauritius
KM-28, Bhutan 1950 1/2 rupee; nickel, reeded edge; uncirculated with a dirty spot, unusual for... 1950 Bhutan
KM-E3, 1956 French West Africa essai 5 francs; aluminum-bronze, plain edge;proof like obverse,... 1956 West African States
KM-123.2, 1856 Bolivia 4 soles, FJ assayer, with stop after CONSTITUCION variery; common coin,... 1856 Bolivia
KM-24, 1943 South Africa (Dominion) half penny; bronze, plain edge; George VI, brown weakly... 1943 South Africa
KM-30, 1947 Jamaica farthing; nickel-brass, plain edge; mostly red, nice for this relatively low... 1947 Jamaica
KM-145, Bolivia 1/2 melgarejo; silver, crudely reeded edge; appears to be both smaller flan... 1865 Bolivia
KM-130, 1855 Bolivia 4 soles, PAZ mint; solver, reeded edge with incuse lettered AYACUCHO...;... 1855 Bolivia
Detail: counterstamp for the 2 macutas counterstamp over 1770 macuta for Portuguese Africa (Angola) 1837 Angola
KM-2, 1907 British West Africa penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; nice uncirculated or about,... 1907 British West Africa
KM-29, 1952 British West Africa 2 shillings; King's Norton mint (KN mint mark); nickel-brass,... 1952 British West Africa
KM-258, Guatemala 1950 25 centavos; silver, reeded edge; really nice above average uncirculated... 1950 Guatemala
KM-762, 1887 Great Britain florin; silver, reeded edge; somewhat prooflike fields, especially on... 1887 United Kingdom
Judaic Heritage Society commemorative medal honoring Golda Meir; minted at Franklin Mint this... 1974 Israel
KM-261, 1973 Peru 100 soles de oro; brilliant uncirculated commemorative of the centenniaul of... 1973 Peru
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