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KM-12.1, 1939 French Indo China centime, Paris Mint (A mint mark); bronze, plain edge; bright red... 1939 Vietnam
KM-28.4, 1945 East Africa shilling, Pretoria (South Africa) mint (SA mintmark), silver, reeded... 1945 East Africa
KM-B4, 1820 Colombia royalist Santa Marta quarter real; copper; good coin, previous owner graded... 1820 Colombia
KM-47.2, 1975 Israel lira; plain and reeded edge, Star of David in the field on obverse... 1975 Israel
KM-14, 1895 Finland (Grand Duchy) 10 pennia; this large copper coin is in good very fine or... 1895 Finland
KM-25, 1961 Israel 5 agorot; akuminum bronze plain edge; I am not 100% sure but it appears to be... 1961 Israel
KM-9, 1937 Southern Rhodesia 3 pence; silver, plain edge; first coronation year of George VI, one... 1937 Rhodesia
KM-23, another 1909 Jamaican penny; given for comaprison with the previous sample; clearly more... 1909 Jamaica
KM112.2, 1855 Bolivia 8 soles; average circulated very fine specimen 1855 Bolivia
KM-161.5, 1891 Bolivia 50 centavos Potosi mint; an archtypical Bolivian strike - almost... 1891 Bolivia
KM-213.2, 1939 Peru 5 centavos; copper-nickel, plain edge; extra fine, date UN MIL NOVECIENTOS... 1939 Peru
KM-13, 1934 Panama balboa; silver, reeded edge; nice about uncirculated specimen but a bit buggy 1934 Panama
KM-1, 1939 Seychelles 10 cents; copper-nickel, scalloped edge; good very fine or better for wear,... 1939 Seychelles
KM-42, 1969 Jamaica proof half penny; from the same set as below penny, very nice, I opened... 1969 Jamaica
KM-13, 1959 Bermuda crown; silver, reeded edge; this one is the best I have ever seen, brilliant... 1959 Bermuda
KM-15, Israel 1949 250 pruta; this one is copper nickel, reeded edge without pearl proof like... 1949 Israel
KM-174.3, 1908 Bolivia 10 centavos, Paris mint (privy marksaround date on reverse); copper... 1908 Bolivia
KM-25b, Israel 1978 5 agorot, Ottawa mint; aluminum, plain edge; that year 5 agorot pieces minted... 1978 Israel
KM-32, 1965 British Honduras 10 cents; copper-nickel, reeded edge; very nice uncirculated,... 1965 Belize
KM-206.2, 1912 Peru half dinero; silver reeded edge; F.G. mint master; brilliant uncirculated,... 1912 Peru
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