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Detail: counterstamp for the 2 macutas counterstamp over 1770 macuta for Portuguese Africa (Angola) 1837 Angola
KM-96a.1, 1830 Bolivia 4 soles; this is a grouped stars narrow date variety; coin is quite bad... 1830 Bolivia
KM-2, 1907 British West Africa penny; copper-nickel, plain edge; nice uncirculated or about,... 1907 British West Africa
KM-1, first BWA coin aluminum 1/10 penny; typically corroded and a bit dirty and lustrous elsewhere. 1907 British West Africa
KM-MS1, Israel 10 coin muffin tin Bank Leumi set; contains mostly specimen coins, many proof... 1949 Israel
KM-55, 1969 Uruguay 1000 pesos; silver, lettered edge "* REPUBLICA ORIENTAL DEL URUGUAY * with... 1969 Uruguay
KM-TN1.1, Sierra leone token penny coinage, no date 1814 abolishion of slavery, weight 16.9... 1814 Sierra Leone
KM-166, 1879 Bolivia 20 centavos; rare contemporary monetary commemorative strike in memory of... 1879 Bolivia
KM-21, 1907 Jamaica farthing; copper-nickel, plain edge; good condition, good very fine to about... 1907 Jamaica
KM-29, 1949 British West Africa, heaton mint (H mintmark); nickel brass, security edge; about... 1949 British West Africa
KM-464, 1860 Brazil 500 reis; silver reeded edge; pictures are a bit better then the coin itself,... 1860 Brazil
KM-70, 1949 Portuguese Angola 10 centavos; bronze, plain edge; brilliant uncirculated, deep red,... 1949 Angola
KM-215.2, 1941 Peru 20 centavos; copper nickel, plain edge; very fine or about, date UN MIL... 1941 Peru
KM-23.1, 1870 Luxembourg 10 centimes; bronze, plain edge; scarcer variety without a dot, very... 1870 Luxembourg
KM-4, 1911 British West Africa 1/10 penny, Heaton (H mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge;... 1911 British West Africa
Laidlaw: 0008a, Colony of Natal 1902 Coronation medal; silver, intentionally hotel, 29.15 mm... 1902 South Africa
KM-16, 1981 Falkland Islands 50 pence; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Prince of Wales and Princess... 1981 Falkland Islands
Unusual coin, one of the only two minted in 1837 by the short lived State of South Peru (Estado... 1837 Peru
KM-856, 1937 Great Britain half crown; proof, silver, reeded edge; pleasant surfaces, very light... 1937 United Kingdom
KM-18, 1925 East Africa 5 cents; nice brown glossy coin, about extra fine condition 1925 East Africa
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