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KM-1, first BWA coin aluminum 1/10 penny; typically corroded and a bit dirty and lustrous elsewhere. 1907 British West Africa
KM-96a.1, 1830 Bolivia 4 soles; this is a grouped stars narrow date variety; coin is quite bad... 1830 Bolivia
KM-38.2, 1971 New Zealand dollar, Royal mint; copper-nickel, reeded edge; average uncirculated,... 1971 New Zealand
KM-178, 1942 Chile 50 centavos; copper, plain edge; one year, glossy brown about uncirculated. 1942 Chile
KM-70, 1949 Portuguese Angola 10 centavos; bronze, plain edge; brilliant uncirculated, deep red,... 1949 Angola
KM-29, 1949 British West Africa, heaton mint (H mintmark); nickel brass, security edge; about... 1949 British West Africa
KM-MS1, Israel 10 coin muffin tin Bank Leumi set; contains mostly specimen coins, many proof... 1949 Israel
KM-166, 1879 Bolivia 20 centavos; rare contemporary monetary commemorative strike in memory of... 1879 Bolivia
KM-4, 1911 British West Africa 1/10 penny, Heaton (H mint mark); copper-nickel, plain edge;... 1911 British West Africa
KM-55, 1969 Uruguay 1000 pesos; silver, lettered edge "* REPUBLICA ORIENTAL DEL URUGUAY * with... 1969 Uruguay
KM-464, 1860 Brazil 500 reis; silver reeded edge; pictures are a bit better then the coin itself,... 1860 Brazil
KM-21, 1907 Jamaica farthing; copper-nickel, plain edge; good condition, good very fine to about... 1907 Jamaica
KM-TN1.1, Sierra leone token penny coinage, no date 1814 abolishion of slavery, weight 16.9... 1814 Sierra Leone
KM-16, 1981 Falkland Islands 50 pence; copper-nickel, reeded edge; Prince of Wales and Princess... 1981 Falkland Islands
KM-18, 1925 East Africa 5 cents; nice brown glossy coin, about extra fine condition 1925 East Africa
KM-14, 1964 Bermuda crown; silver, reeded edge; unusual toning, may have even been a proof... 1964 Bermuda
KM-215.2, 1941 Peru 20 centavos; copper nickel, plain edge; very fine or about, date UN MIL... 1941 Peru
Unusual coin, one of the only two minted in 1837 by the short lived State of South Peru (Estado... 1837 Peru
Laidlaw: 0008a, Colony of Natal 1902 Coronation medal; silver, intentionally hotel, 29.15 mm... 1902 South Africa
KM-856, 1937 Great Britain half crown; proof, silver, reeded edge; pleasant surfaces, very light... 1937 United Kingdom
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