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KM-15, Israel 1949 250 pruta; this one is copper nickel, reeded edge without pearl proof like... 1949 Israel
Details for the below BO30B coin, grouped stars and narrow date. 1830 Bolivia
KM-538, 1898 Portugal 500 reisl silver, reeded edge; commemorative 500 years of discovery of... 1898 Portugal
KM-E2, 1952 Laos 20 cents essai; aluminum, plain edge; brilliant uncirculated specimen, mintage... 1952 Laos
Another KM-2, 1851 1/26'th of a shilling; recut V,I,C,T and R in VICTORIA, D in DG, R,T,A,N,N,A... 1851 Jersey
KM-38, 1962 Israel lira; this proof copper nickel coin if from the annual Hanukka commomorative... 1962 Israel
KM-12, 1917 H shilling in high grade but weakly struck 1917 British West Africa
KM-183, 1944 Philippines (US-Philippines Commonwealth) 50 centavos, San Francisco mint (S mint... 1944 Philippines
KM-15, Jamaica 1888 farthing; copper-nickel, plain edge; mostly bright uncirculated with a... 1888 Jamaica
Y#206, (1909-1911) China Kwang-tung province dollar; silver, reeded edge; looks authentic to me... 1911 China
KM-11, 1911 Guernsey double, Heaton mint (H mintmark); bronze, plain edge; red-brown... 1911 Guernsey
KM-155.4, 1871 Bolivia boliviano; Potosi mint; original luster on this very nice about... 1871 Bolivia
KM-39, 1963 5 lirot Seafaring 1963 Israel
KM-218.2, 1930 Peru sol; silver, reeded edge; unusual mottled toning on this about uncirculated... 1930 Peru
KM-25, 1952 British Honduras 5 cents; nickel-brass, plain edge; nice bright uncirculated specimen 1952 Belize
KM-12, 1914H shilling in very high about uncirculated grade; shows striation marks mostly on... 1914 British West Africa
KM-7, 1894 ZAR (South Africa) 2 and 1/2 shillings in dark toned very fine condition 1894 South Africa
KM-13, 1959 Bermuda crown; silver, reeded edge; this one is the best I have ever seen, brilliant... 1959 Bermuda
KM-181, Israel 1987 new sheqel in proof; commemorative 12-sided coin part of the Holyland sites... 1987 Israel
KM-13, 1912 Finland (Grand Duchy) penni; bronze, plain edge; mostly red, uncirculated. 1912 Finland
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