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Peter III rouble of 1762, Moscow mint (MMD below bust) when Daniel Mochalkin was mint master (D M... 1762 Russia
silver tetradrachm of Philip II of Macedon (Father of Alexander the Great). This coin struck... -348 Greece
Charlemagne silver and Gold inlay 20 Diners issued in 1992 1992 Andorra
silver jeton of Faustina (junior). Hilaritas reverse 170 Italy
1809 George III Essequebo and Demerary Three Guilders. 1809 Guyana
Athenian tetradrachm (owl) with test cut. Not brilliant condition but still a nice collectable... -450 Greece
A 1/4 ecu of Charles II Cardinal of Lorraine (1578- 1607)and Bishop of Metz. This being a 1/4 ecu... 1600 France
45 Piastres. Low mintage coin that tends to be undervalued on todays market. 1928 Cyprus
Rare silver jeton struck for Joseph Philip Intervale Glandat who was dean of the Faculty of... 1781 France
Boeotian hemidrachm with portrait of `Smiley the Alien' obverse. 379-371 BC -371 Greece
1844 Victoria young head Penny. A thing of beauty! What looks like dirt in the legends is... 1844 Jersey
Ancient Ceylonese copper coin (Massa Kahavanu)from the reign of Sahasa Malla (1205-13 ad).... 1205 Sri Lanka
Antoine de Lorraine (1508 -44). A silver teston minted at the city of Nancy. Dark toned, weakly... 1527 France
copper jeton issued for the Tresoriers de L'Extraordinaires des Guerres, again , the Treasurer... 1688 France
My favourite shooting medal, this one by Huguenin minted in silver for the federal shooting... 1892 Switzerland
7.5 Dollars silver proof. The obverse is one of the best portraits I have ever seen. 1973 Cook Islands
1745 dated copper jeton issued for the Mayor of Lyon. Obverse names the four sherrifs the reverse... 1745 France
Many thanks to Nicolai Tkachenko for his excellent sleuthing! This piece is now determined to be... 1524 Switzerland
Ag British East Africa Company Rupee minted at Heaton mint in Birmingham for Mombasa, Zanzibar. 1888 East Africa
1816 George III Essequebo and Demerary 2 Guilders. Less crudely struck and different designs from... 1816 Guyana
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