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Jeton issued for M'sieu Voysin's second term in office as Prevost des Marchands (Lord Provost aka... 1665 France
scarcer type 5 francs of Phillipe I, minted at Lille (W mint mark). This type with incuse edge... 1830 France
Lion Double gros of William I of bavaria as William V, Count of Holland (1354-88). This coin... 1354 Netherlands
Malacca Keping. An error coin in that it is dated 1411 AH instead of 1247. 1833 Malaysia
a copper jeton from the time of the French revolution. 1792 France
This is what is known as a `stock jeton'. These were struck and held in reserve against the event... 1730 France
silver jeton issued for the directors and policy holders of Le Loiret, a French Assurance company... 1820 France
silver jeton issued for the Echevins de Rennes (Sherrifs of Rennes. Rennes was the seat of... 1760 France
small (14mm) bronze from the Greek city of Selge in Pisidia (modern day Antalya region of Turkey)... -200 Turkey
1913 Barber half $. Nicely toned and reasonably high grade example for this type. Minted in Denver. 1913 USA
1595 yellow copper jeton issued during reign of Henri IV. Reverse shows King Henri IV on... 1595 France
silver jeton issued for the Extraordinaires des Guerres in 1761. An interesting jeton in that it... 1761 France
Syracuse tetradrachm struck during reign of Hieron I circa 476 bc. A bit worse for wear but still... -476 Italy
Another Napoleonic era silver jeton de presence, this time for the Societe Philotechnique, a... 1795 France
Roman silver `antoninianus' of Philip I (The Arab). Obverse radiate bust of Philip. Reverse, Mars... 248 Italy
A gilded silver medal struck for the French Ministry of Agriculture circa 1870 by the famous... 1870 France
scarcer quart d'ecu (1/4 ecu)`Dauphine' struck for Henri IV of France at Grenoble mint. This... 1603 France
2 Thalers commemorating the opening of the Vienna - Trieste railway. This particular coin is a... 1857 Austria
Napoleonic era silver jeton de presence for the Prefecture de la Seine (Paris. Obverse arms of... 1810 France
Silver jeton issued for the parish of St Germain (Paris) during the reign of Louis XVI. Bust of... 1760 France
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