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Silver jeton of Le Havre syndicate of general assurers. This one issued between 1845-60. 1845 France
Brabant. Nice portrait of Philip II of Spain on a silver 1/2 Ducat. 1563 Belgium
Taler from that place mentioned in the Rocky Horror Show 1592 Romania
1813George III Essequebo and Demerary copper Stiver. 1813 Guyana
Louis XIII jeton probably issued in relation to the routing of Gaston D'Orleans and Henri Duc de... 1632 France
rare jeton issued for the kings counsellors of Francis II King of France and Scotland (husband of... 1561 France
50 cents. From the silver proof set for 1974 1974 Belize
Stunning French silver jeton issued for the Admiral of the Fleet, Louis Alexandre de Bourbon,... 1727 France
nice Syracusan bronze Ae 7 coin (circa 320 bc). Femal head obverse, scallop and dolphin reverse. -320 Italy
Silver jeton issued during the regency period of Louis XIII. I'm srtill in the dark as to which... 1623 France
Jeton issued for the Municipality of Paris in 1584 (struck at Nuremberg). Obverse Arms of Paris... 1584 France
Silver jeton issued for the french treasury in 1735. This one bears an unusual portrait of Louis... 1735 France
silver litra from the Sicilian city state of Leontini circa 455-430 BC. -455 Italy
Edinburgh half penny (Flower in shield / Bucks head). Private token. This variant identified by... 1796 Scotland
`UN Membership' silver 10 diners 1994 Andorra
rare silver jeton issued for the Prieurs et Juges /Consuls de Dieppe (the Priors and Judges of... 1758 France
rare jeton struck in 1766 to commemorate the siting of a Royal refinery (silver and gold... 1766 France
Fake Eritrean Tallero that typically can be found in the flea markets of continental europe. only... 1918 Eritrea
Swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Biel in 1903. Engraved by Holy... 1903 Switzerland
Burntisland half penny (Carboy and monogram /Burntisland Vitriol Co.) 1797 Scotland
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