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rare jeton struck in 1766 to commemorate the siting of a Royal refinery (silver and gold... 1766 France
Fake Eritrean Tallero that typically can be found in the flea markets of continental europe. only... 1918 Eritrea
nice Syracusan bronze Ae 7 coin (circa 320 bc). Femal head obverse, scallop and dolphin reverse. -320 Italy
1627 silver Patagon from Artois (minted at Arras)in the then Spanish Netherlands, now France.... 1627 Belgium
silver litra from the Sicilian city state of Leontini circa 455-430 BC. -455 Italy
Silver `jeton de presence' issued for the Banque D'Escompte de Paris in 1878. Very three... 1878 France
copper `mule' jeton. An interesting piece as it has been struck using two reverse dies for... 1676 France
Zambia silver proof 2/- from boxed set. 1964 Zambia
small bronze from Maroneia in Thrace circa 400 - 300 BC. obverse, horse. Reverse square... -400 Greece
Nerva denarius circa 96 ad. Concordia Exercituum reverse 96 Italy
Louis XIII jeton issued for the Kings Council. Bust of Louis XIII obverse, crowned arms of France... 1643 France
Jeton issued for M'sieu Voysin's second term in office as Prevost des Marchands (Lord Provost aka... 1665 France
swiss shooting medal struck in silver for the shooting festival at Neuchatel in 1898. Engraved by... 1898 Switzerland
trial strike in tin of the revers of the jeton struck for Flanders circa 1780 1780 France
silver unit of the Corieltauvi, a celtic tribe inhabiting the Lincolshire region of England pre... -50 United Kingdom
1822 $1/8th `anchor' trade coinage for British West Indies. Flatly struck coin, but difficult to... 1822 Jamaica
This is what is known as a `stock jeton'. These were struck and held in reserve against the event... 1730 France
Franco American silver jeton. Issued in 1725 in relation to the French American colonies. 1725 France
a copper jeton from the time of the French revolution. 1792 France
scarcer type 5 francs of Phillipe I, minted at Lille (W mint mark). This type with incuse edge... 1830 France
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