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French India - rupee dated AH1220 year 45 from Arcot mint, in the name of Shah Alam II. Nice well... 1805 India
1647 silver schilling from Lucerne, Switzerland 1647 Switzerland
A silver didrachm from Sparta's one and only colony in Magna Graecia, the city of Tarentum. One... -280 Italy
1809 George III Essequebo and Demerary One Guilder. Nice grade but struck using dirty dies which... 1809 Guyana
Fake V.O.C. Ducaton. 1739 Indonesia
Undated silver jeton of the Chambre de Commerce de Lyon (circa 1723). Rhone and Saone depicted... 1723 France
Double gros of Philip III (The Good') Duke of Burgundy and Count of Flanders (1419-67), this coin... 1419 Belgium
Silver jeton issued for the Crown Prosecutors based at Le Chatelet in Paris, France. This example... 1766 France
Very three dimensional shooting medal by Lossier minted in silver for the federal shooting... 1887 Switzerland
silver jeton issued for the Compagnie Generale des Ponts sur Le Rhone (Rhone Bridges). This one... 1844 France
scaree copper jeton minted for M'sieu Jerome D'Argouges, a member of the aristocracy from... 1718 France
Congo Democratic Republic 10 francs in aluminium. This coin is one of my favourites. I'd love to... 1965 Congo
I came across this one via ebay. It was actually brought to my attention on rec.collecting.coins... 1797 Scotland
nice brilliant uncirculated 50c minted at Pretoria. 1943 Madagascar
`Squirrel' silver 10 diners 1992 Andorra
Proof silver 10 dollars 1974 Trinidad and Tobago
Jeton struck for Ludovicus Claudius Bourdelin, The Dean of Paris University's Faculty of Medecine... 1738 France
Seldom seen silver jeton issued for members of the Presidial Court of the Bailliewick of Meaux in... 1788 France
silver antoninianus of Volusian. PM TRP IIII COS II reverse 251 Italy
Scarcer type silver jeton of the Chambre de Commerce de Lyon. This example evidences serious die... 1710 France
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