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KM-759, Great Britain 1887 6 pence, withdrawn type removed from circulation due to similarity... 1887 United Kingdom
KM-865, 1919 France 5 centimes; copper nickel, plain edge, holed flan; looks uncirculated to me. 1919 France
KM-792.1, 1874 Denmark ore, (h) CS; bronze, plain edge; very nice details, above extra fine,... 1874 Denmark
KM-15a, 1949 Israel 250 prutot silver; Heaton mintmark H under the bottom wreath link on obverse 1949 Israel
KM-547, 1945 British India quarter (1/4) rupee, Bombay mint (dot under the flower on reverse);... 1945 India
KM-47, 1950 Vatican /XII year of Pius XII 10 lire; aluminum, lettered edge; Holy year, procession... 1950 Vatican
KM-8, 1906 Canada cent; bronze, plain edge; Edward VII, good extra fine but lackquered. 1906 Canada
KM-22, 1909 Jamaica half penny; looks like aVF by wear. 1909 Jamaica
KM-18, 1940 Southern Rhodesia shilling; silver, reeded edge; toned, little wear, but darker tone,... 1940 Rhodesia
KM-Tn7, 1819 German State Frankfurt pfennig token; copper; small "juden" merchant token, good fine 1819 Germany
Details for referenced CS76A below. E code letter for Cameroon on the left and ESSAI mark to the... 1976 Cameroon
KM-3, 1948 French West Africa franc; aliminum plain edge in quite common brilliant uncirculated... 1948 West African States
KM-240, ND (1965) Peru sol; commemorative issue selebrating 400 years of the Lima mint; brass... 1965 Peru
KM-41, 1952 commemorative 300'th annyversary of Capetown foundation, brilliant proof 5 shillings... 1952 South Africa
KM-65.2, 1967 South Africa cent; bronze, reeded edge; Afrikaans legend, judging from condition,... 1967 South Africa
Y#87, 1930 Russia (USSR) 15 kopeks; silver, reeded edge; common coin, but nice brilliant white... 1930 Russia
KM-1, 1941 Palestine mil; bronze, plain edge; mottled mostly brown uncirculated or about. 1941 Palestine
KM-15, 1949 Israel 250 prutot in copper nickel; variety with small dot pearl under the middle... 1949 Israel
KM-1, 1944 Palestine mil; bronze, plain edge; mostly red nice uncirculated specimen with hints of... 1944 Palestine
KM-165, 1938 Chile 5 centimos; plain edge, copper nickel; uncirculated 1938 Chile
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