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5 Bolivars 1935 Venezuela
3 Mace and 6 candareens from Yunnan province, China. Altogether a different type of dragon. 1908 China
Exceptional quality bronze jeton issued for Archduchess Maria Christina of Austria , Duchess of... 1786 Belgium
The denomination for this massive 45mm silver coin ( 10 Kronur) appears on the edge. It was... 1930 Iceland
Nice quality strike proof silver (1.25 ozs) 5 dollars from the Franklin Mint. 1974 Bahamas
silver 1 kyat from Burma. Nice peacock. 1852 Myanmar
Ae `trias' from the city state of Syracuse circa 344 - 336 BC. Coin is far better than scan would... -344 Italy
Strange hybrid jeton. Obverse is typical of the Cabaretiers (Tavern Keepers)depicting Christ and... 1655 France
Counterstamp coinage 1/3rd Rix Dollar. Crown counterstamp on a Madras Arcot 1/4 rupee. Rarely... 1823 Sri Lanka
Silver denier (circa 80 -50 bc) of the Aedui, a celtic tribe from the Lyon area of France. -80 France
`Pope Crowning Charlemagne' silver 10 diners 1996 Andorra
scarce silver jeton de presence minted in Paris for the Societe des Mines de Malfidano a french... 1890 France
1631 silver jeton issued for the office of the Chancellor of France. Not listed in either... 1631 France
1835 1/2 Anna British East India Company during colonial period. Bombay mint and medal rotation 1835 India
1 cent with a mintage of only 624 for the business strike 1980 Solomon Islands
Early french jeton issued in 1557 during the reign of Henri II for the Chambre des Comptes (The... 1557 France
30 Tari. The large silver coins of Malta are very hard to find in collectable grades. I don't... 1757 Malta
silver tetradrachm of the Bactrian king Agathokles. Some discord concerning the dates of issue.... -185 Afghanistan
1816 George III Essequebo and Demerary 3 Guilders. Less crudely struck and different designs from... 1816 Guyana
Ein Vereinsthaler. (Official restrike). What looks like a scratch obverse is a die scratch. 1862 Liechtenstein
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