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1835. Wm IIII 1/4 rupee. British East India Company during colonial era. Calcutta Mint, dot after... 1835 India
scarcer example of a Banque de France jeton de presence. This early example does not have the bow... 1820 France
Western Samoa silver proof ten tala `America's Cup'. This is my favourite modern proof coin. It... 1987 Samoa
Swiss shooting medal in silver. Bern/ Burgdorf in 1891 by Franz Homberg (1656 examples struck) 1891 Switzerland
Ag British East Africa Company Rupee minted at Heaton mint in Birmingham for Mombasa, Zanzibar. 1888 East Africa
scarcer silver jeton issued for the 'experts et greffiers des bastimens' (Architects, and Clerks... 1690 France
Jamaica 10 dollars `10th Anniversary of Independence'. Rather large at 1.46 oz of silver. 1972 Jamaica
France 1733. A silver jeton issued during the early reign of Louis XV for the `Extraordinaire Des... 1733 France
Scarcer Ae follis of Delmatius circa 335 AD minted at Arles in France. The only type of this... 335 France
St Jacques de la Boucherie. Silver jeton depicting St James, patron saint of goldsmiths and... 1766 France
Ancient Ceylonese copper coin (Massa Kahavanu)from the reign of Parakrama Bahu II (1216-19ad).... 1216 Sri Lanka
Jaipur- circa 1760 -1775 copper paisa under Maddo Singh. A rather thick slug of copper! 1760 India
Many thanks to Nicolai Tkachenko for his excellent sleuthing! This piece is now determined to be... 1524 Switzerland
`Sea Turtle' in silver. 1986 Bermuda
7.5 Dollars silver proof. The obverse is one of the best portraits I have ever seen. 1973 Cook Islands
copper jeton issued for Louis de Bourbon, Duc Du Mayne and grand master of the French Artillery. 1696 France
rare silver jeton issued for Hieronymous D'Argouges, Chief Attorney at `Le Chatelet', the major... 1718 France
Aussie gold. 1878 Victoria `Young Head' sovereign 1878 Australia
silver 5 fr of Leopold I of Belgium. Nice almost EF example that has gun metal blue toning... 1849 Belgium
Rare silver jeton of a branch of the Kings Accounts dealing with the Army Treasury which seems... 1658 France
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